Lesson 20

Going to a Place: Present Progressive Part I

Level: Pre-Intermediate

Lesson contents:

- Eleven examples of
   going to a place
- On one's way as synonym
- Head as verb


Always watch the video without subtitles first in order to train your ears! It's a good idea to watch several times until you feel the "music", before watching the version with subtitles. Your pronunciation will be much better if you follow this rule.


Exercises for this lesson:


How to do the lessons:
  1. Watch the video without subtitles.
  2. Do all the Exercises.
  3. Come back to this page.
  4. Watch the video with English Subtitles. Use the Pause button. People speak fast!


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Going to a Place
Watch this video, then click on Exercise 1


Same video with Precise Subtitles
Do the exercises after watching this video. Subtitles begin at 3:06.


!You Tube!



We are always going someplace, geographically, or online, or in one's mind. Where am I going? Directly back to my work for this lesson!

This is the first lesson in Real English® which concentrates on a verb structure beyond is and are. We succeeded in showing how useful those two little forms of "be" truly are, in a variety of useful situations, right up to this lesson.

We have included a few other verb tenses in lesson 1 to 19, but they are very limited, serving as introductions to the rest of the lessons which begin here, with the simplest expression of the Present Continuous tense (or the Present Progressive if you prefer): Where are you going? Not to be confused with "going to do" of course, which is featured in the intermediate section.