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real english!2017 News

Ben for Real English

Ben Worthington, creator of the IELTS Podcast, has interviewed Michael Marzio, the Real English® team leader.

Are you or your students preparing for the IELTS exam? If you are, you will definitely want to listen to this podcast in addition to all of Ben's useful advice on preparing for, and passing the exam!

real english!News! Real english ESL VideoThe first 2016 blog post
about Michael Marzio and Real English®
from The Digital Journal

real english!New! 2016 Interview of Michael Marzio
and Real English® from Ultimate Vocabulary

Real English ESL
"Real Life Vocabulary Skills From Michael Marzio

Really learn english interview of Real English<sup>®</sup> !An interview of Michael Marzio
from Really Learn English:

Elena Benito-RuizElena Benito-Ruiz, creator of the E|FL 2.0 Blog, writes about Real English:
"Highly recommendable for you, learning English, or for you, teaching English because contents are excellent. And that’s what really matters. I’m fed up of posting about sites which claim to have great multimedia resources, and when you go deeper you realize it’s just another 2.0 sleek site without a methodology behind, with just a bunch of videos form youtube or bliptv and stuff. Here’s the opposite. Probably the best content ever. They own a great treasure, i.e. probably the largest array of video resources/realia for EFL learners."

RonaldoFrom the great Ronaldo
Review by I hope it works! - Ronaldo Júnior

The Language Learning & Technology Review: "The inclusion of different accents and "real" people also contributes to the authenticity of the program by reflecting the current state of English as an international lingua franca. Indeed, this kind of input is extremely rare in existing ESL materials, granting Real English a unique strength... there is no doubt that Real English has achieved excellence."

The Calico Journal
The Computer Assisted Language Instruction
Consortium - Marianne Morales of McGill University writes..."makes accessible a long-desired, realistic exposure to authentic interaction in the target language and is an encouraging foray into the real world of spontaneous communication with others".

Permiossion from Mark Ellison Taylor - EFL Web Review on volterre
TESL-EJ Web Review by Dafne González and Arnold Mühren
A most complete academic review, the conclusion beginning with "The Real English Online materials are a great resource for English language teachers and learners who want to supplement and infuse their own courses or units of instruction with lively and authentic videos. They are ideal materials for learners to train and refine their listening comprehension..."

Permiossion from Mark Ellison Taylor - EFL Web Review on volterre
EFL Web Review by Mark Ellison Taylor
"Changing accents and the good humour of both interviewer and interviewee ensure that the sequences are always engaging. Even teachers will find it entertaining. The Marzio School's Real English videos are, without question, extremely useful resources for any EFL teacher's bag of tricks".

Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith


Excerpt from an article written for ESL Magazine by Elizabeth Hanson-Smith, Ph.D., Computers for Education:

"The Real English product is fascinating – to the extent that even native speakers enjoy listening and watching... Here are people speaking ingenuously about themselves... You just can't stop watching, even when people in the street are reciting the alphabet! Real English has all the apparatus for grammar practice a teacher could possibly want... beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is one of the best new products to come out on CD, videocassette, & online since all of National Geographic."

Parlez-vous français? When we published the Real English CD-ROMs, they did not go unnoticed by the French press. France's favorite pay-TV channel, Canal Plus, also wrote a stunning review. Canal

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name: Omar
message: As soon as I found this site, I knew I hit the jackpot. Absolutely interesting, helpful, practical and unique. i tip my hat to all the teachers who created such great tools and means for both students and teachers.