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Elena Benito-Ruiz wrote a good review of Real English!Elena Benito-Ruiz, creator of the E|FL 2.0 Blog, wrote about Real English:
Highly recommended for you, learning English, or for you, teaching English because contents are excellent. And that’s what really matters. I’m fed up of posting about sites which claim to have great multimedia resources, and when you go deeper you realize it’s just another 2.0 sleek site without a methodology behind, with just a bunch of videos form youtube or bliptv and stuff. Here’s the opposite. Probably the best EFL content ever. They own a great treasure, i.e. probably the largest array of video resources/realia for EFL learners.

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Let's watch the "TikTok video" below. What's a TikTok video? It's simply a video of ONE MINUTE or less, showing you the content of the longer video used in our exercises. For example, this 60-second video is the TikTok version of the Lesson 24 video which is 5 minutes and 20 seconds long.

Real spontaneous esl video with accent on learning grammar and vocabulary

If possible, watch the video WITHOUT subtitles the first time you watch it. Listening with subtitles is fine for reading comprehension but not the best way to train your ears. And if you want to have the best pronunciation possible, listen several times without the subtitles. Immerse yourself in the music of English before concentrating on the meaning and the structures.

Very Simple Instructions
How to use Real English

1 - Choose a lesson on the left side of this page. Watch the video.

2 - Click on exercise1 button and do all the exercises!

Mike and Valérie Marzio, the team responsible for Real English.
The Real Team: Mike & Valérie Marzio

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