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Below we feature a Guest Post by Joy Mayo:

Overnight Education:
8 Online Courses Everyone Can Take

For several years in a row, online education was a hot topic, and there are quite a few reasons for that. It is a simple and convenient way to master new skills or level up the ones you already have.

In the current global situation, this topic has become acute. Basically, it is currently the only way to learn something new from the safe environment of your own home.

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Complete Creative Writing

Everyone who is looking to learn how to write well will find this course a great opportunity to brush up on their skills. And it can become a real life savior in particular for students, who, as we all know, often face the need to write different kinds of papers.

Of course, students can get professional writers - help, and don’t even bother with writing boring essays. However, if you are looking for ways to excel in this matter, take a look at this option!

The Complete Creative Writing consists of 43 video lessons. The total duration of all videos is only 12 hours. So, one can easily finish it in a day. The price currently is $19.99 with 33% sale, whereas the regular price is $29.99, which is also not that bad.

Tips to Help You Live a Better Life and Achieve Success

Ever wondered how to forge your own destiny and be successful in everything you do?

This is a free course on personal growth created by the top instructor. It focuses on helping people overcome all sorts of barriers that hold them back from being truly successful. It has already helped over 1 million students from all over the globe to change their lives, and you can be the next successful person!

There are only 15 lessons here. The overall duration of lessons is 1 hour. You should agree that one hour is not too much time to waste for the sake of changing your life.

Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content

This is another exciting opportunity provided by the University of Pennsylvania and you can also finish it in under one day. This short course encompasses everything one needs to know to be effective and successful in the marketing industry. It explains the basics and shares valuable tips on how to create campaigns that work.

The whole course is divided into four blocks. It is recommended to tackle one block in a week. However, since every block is about one hour long, you can easily get through it faster. This course is free of charge, so anyone can take it!

picture to external links for Real English, learn spontaneous English conversations and have serious fun.


Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

This course created by Stanford University can also be helpful to many people regardless of their main field of engagement. What we eat and our health are tightly connected to each other. Thus, it is extremely important to know all the essentials of healthy nutrition in order to take decent care of your own health.

This course has a pretty high rating of 4.7 stars. It has already been completed by tens of thousands of students. And it is free!

In general, you will need about 4 hours to go through all the lectures. So, it is another great opportunity for overnight education!

Accounting in Only One Hour! A Brief Introduction

For everyone considering a career in accounting, this is a great resource. The Accounting in Only One Hour offers users a brief (but extremely detailed) overview of the key concepts and basics of accounting.

This course consists of 18 lectures that are exactly 1 hour long in total. Of course, this may not be enough to master accounting to the fullest. However, it is a good way to get started and define whether this field suits you!

Web Development By Doing: HTML/CSS from Scratch

Now, this is probably one of the best options of all. Web development is a rapidly growing field and it is in a huge demand these days.

Web developers from all over the world get high pay and a unique opportunity to be their own bosses. If you want to have this too, welcome to Web Development By Doing: HTML/CSS from Scratch.

This is an introductory course meant for beginner level users, which means that anyone can try it. It will help you delve into the world of web development and grasp the basics in just 1 hour! This is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed!

What Is Data Science?

Data Science is a rather trending topic today. Not only it is trending, but also extremely engaging. If you have always wanted to get some knowledge in this field, this is your lucky chance!

The course What Is Data Science is entry-level and rather short. You can complete it in under a day, which is a good thing. It was provided by IBM - one of the leading American companies in the IT sector. We bet that you could learn a lot from such a well-known industry leader.

On A Last Note: Introduction to Managing Your Personal Finance Debts

Finally, the last option on our list, but definitely not the least helpful one is this short course that only takes about an hour to finish.

This option will suit everyone who is conscious of one’s own finances. Taking this class, you will learn how to handle your finances in just the right way.