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  • Six Apps and Platforms for Essay Writing

How to Learn English by Watching TV Series and Get the Most Out of It?

Nowadays, knowledge of English is especially relevant. Without it, no self-respecting company will hire anyone. It will be difficult to travel, play at an online casino or just understand the instructions to a household item. But when it comes to learning the language, many questions arise. So how do you learn a language? After all, textbooks are boring. Is it possible to learn English from movies and TV shows?

There are several ways of learning English: tutoring, self-study, speaking with natives, reading books in English, learning English from talking, and watching TV shows, movies, and TV series. The last option is the most interesting. In this case, you can kill two birds with one stone: both learning and having fun.

In this article, we will tell you how to learn English from TV series, which ones to watch to learn the language faster, and how to do it quickly and effectively.

Why Do You Have to Try Learning English With the Help of TV Series?

    It would seem that watching movies is a useless activity. But, no. For some people, listening to the interesting dialogues of their favorite characters is much more enjoyable than sitting through a tedious lecture. Here are a few reasons why you should watch your favorite movies to learn a language:

  • Entertainment.
  • It is both a hobby and a learning experience. You watch your favorite movie and learn at the same time. Isn't that fabulous?

  • Expand your vocabulary. This practice helps you learn modern English, with all the slang and latest turns of phrase. In textbooks, as a rule, the language is only literary.

  • Understanding the "living language" by ear. Sometimes, even knowing a foreign language at the highest level, it's difficult to understand its native speakers, because of the differences in accent.

  • Beautiful pronunciation. Watching soap operas we understand more about the pronunciation of native speakers, catch the rhythm, intonation, and new sounds. Pronunciation can be practiced in different ways, for example, by selecting an interesting piece of monologue or dialogue and repeating after the actors.

  • Learning and understanding another culture. Series give you the opportunity not only to learn new vocabulary but also to understand another culture. Especially relevant for those who plan to travel or study in another country.

What Is the Right Way to Learn English by Watching TV Shows?

Choose the level of study that is right for you.

Here you should also pay attention to the dialect of the language you want to learn - British or American.
  • For beginners, it's best to start with children's cartoons, simple little movies (Twilight for example), and simple sitcoms.
  • For the intermediate level, modern cartoons such as "Adventure Time", TV series you've already seen, such as "Friends", or a simple level such as "The Good Place".
  • Those with above-average language skills can watch Doctor Who, The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, and practically anything else.

Watch movies according to your interests.

If you're a fan of horror movies, then melodramas won't do. In this case, you are more likely to fall asleep while watching than to learn something. When it comes to learning English from soap operas, make sure you watch what you like.

Use Subtitles

For beginners, it's the best option. This way, it's easier to memorize the words and expressions of the main characters in action. It's also a great way to practice your grammar.

Write out and translate unfamiliar words.

Optimally, turn on the movie in English, write out some of the words that were unfamiliar while watching, and during a pause or after watching the whole series, find their translation (another good use of online translations).

Watch the movie several times.

Once you have written out the unfamiliar words, re-watch them after a while. This will improve your memory.

Repeat the phrases of the main characters.

This will not only help you remember unfamiliar phrases but also improve your pronunciation of English words.

Discuss movies with friends in the language you are learning.

This will help you speak English and find new ways to communicate.

We hope that it will help you learn English with fun and pleasure!