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Antonio Da Silva writes:

This page is as addictive as facebook. I think its amazing.

laudenir santos writes:

very good to learn english, and is free ,it gives a chance for anyone to learn.

Yusniyana Jaafar writes:

Wow...smart n brilliant... Superb n awesome sir..

Juliana Garcia writes:

I'm an English teacher. I love dynamic classes, and this will be a great tool for inspiring students through interesting and challenging lessons.

Silvia writes:

Very useful lessons and exercises. There's no way not learning!!! Congrats.

John Callahan writes:

To have natural speech displayed in audio and text form, so well, is so wonderful .This is "cutting edge" stuff for learning resource development.

Machu kalsang writes:

thanks for have this free. I like the grammatic and the people

Angie Chanchore writes:

It is a very interactive learning activity, with the meanings of the concepts right there, I really liked it.

Faten writes:

This site is awsome! thanks :) I've been teaching English for the last 27 years. When I came across your site it was like i tripped on a diamond treasure. You are of great help to me. Thank you sooooo much! I'll never be grateful enough.

Mohammed writes:

Hi .The lesson was great .Thanks for your nice and useful site.perfect.

Michael Wu writes:

it's really a cool site which I have just found, I totally love it

Sandra writes:


Monica Pacheco writes:

Your site is great! Thanks so much for your inspiration ! Thanks for sharing and caring! Best Wishes, monica

Giuliano Batista Scariot writes:

well, I've been using your videos in my classes since 2008 and the result which I have in each class is amazing...these videos really help my students. As well as people who decide to study on their own. Congratulations

Hien Bui writes:

I really really love Real English. It's fun. It's easy for me to remember ,too. Thank you so much indeed!

balqees writes:

its amazing the way I am being taught by real English


So m uch fun in learning. I love it, great job!!! From Brazil ;)

Jackson Camargo writes:

I just want to say thanks for provide so many information for free. You helped me a lot this site is really very useful! God bless you.

Patricio Escalona Ojeda writes:

Real English is awesome. I always tell my students about it. We always have fun when we listen to them. Keep up the good work guys. Greetings from Chile.

David writes:

Your site is amazing and useful for me. Thank You very much, sir.

susanto kartikapratiwi writes:

My students love this interview style learning idea :) Thanks so much!

Masefield Esala writes:

This site has help me improving my skills in English and I really enjoy using it.

Ulaş writes:

a beautiful site

Kim Hetherington writes:

This is a fabulous site. I have recommended it in a uni assessment task. I love it in its simplicity !

Julius Kwao Agbeadah writes:

Real English has been very helpful to me and I know I'm making progress

Isabel writes:

Wonderful system of learning english, thanks

alexbonki writes:

I've been a subscriber for a long time and have never posted a comment. Well, I just want to say to you, Mr Marzio...that you're great! I'm an EFL Consultant from Brazil and I need to say that all my students love the videos and they really would like to be interviewed by you and your Real English crew! And so would I. Thanks a lot for your work and keep it up! Cheers!

Johan David Rojas Martinez writes:

i learned much with tis lesson.

shunsuke shimizu writes:

thanks for your exercises it is beautifull I'm so happy.

lola writes:

it's sooooo good!

maruf writes:

very necessary lessons for the common people

minefield writes:

hi guys.I'm amir from iran. i write you from the bottom of my heart. East or West, real english is best.

Vafa writes:

thanks a million for your useful lessons and videos

cantidio writes:

just wonderful. everything is very good

Duber writes:

These videos are awesome!

Dragan writes:

This is amazing.

Rodrigo writes:

GREAT It actually helps us in learning

Adrian writes:

This is the best way to learn English...by listening how people say in normal life...Thank you, teacher, and thank you to Real English...

KATIA writes:

very very thanks for Real English. You help me so much

Alexandra Trajkovska writes:

the best choice ever

Juan Pablo Jimenez writes:

very good page, so cool

Andrea Santos writes:

I'm glad I have found you ,,,this is amazing for my students and me! I will never be able to thank you enough. So, thank you a million times!!!!!

Maria da Luz barretto writes:

This is the best course to learn English, thank you for great idea

Leonardo Molina writes:

I am grateful for this site. It helps me practice and improve my English proficiency. great work!!

Asim Yalniz writes:

The language is hyper authentic and the topics have been chosen well. Thank you. A very good reference for my students to do revision through.

Raquel Segovia writes:

It is so good tool to lsten and speak.

Tatiana Kim writes:

Real fun!

Patrizia Ceilidh Ubaldi writes:

Thank you, you're my daily inspiration

Jorge writes:

i like this lesson are simple but they really helps you

bunko morimoto writes:

Unique pedagogic videos and lessons for my students at low and high levels. Sincere thanking creators and designers for good work.

MrEtareascmn writes:

Thank you. This chanel is awesome and extremely helpful.

carfanu writes:

Very cool and useful for new learners. I'm very happy to have found Real English as a teaching tool for my students. The lessons are authentic and into what Real English is all about! Love it!!

Judith Chimowitz writes:

What a find! I am returning to China, having spent some time there teaching English in the last couple of years. I have been a bit of a textbook teacher, but I can see how great this method is and am delighted to find such rich materials. Thanks also for being free!!! Best wishes, Judith

Oksana (Ukraine) writes:

I just dropped in to thank you for your wonderful videos that are so natural and fun. It was a really brilliant idea to launch your project and a great opportunity to learn English outside the language environment. Thanks again,

sarbjeet kaur writes:

i want to say thanks to you from the deep of my heart .. thank you for providing that site. it really helps me to improve english in easy way.

Catalina Lira Mallorca writes:

Fantastic! Thank you Michael. Regards, Catalina.

Alfredo writes:

Is the first time that I'm using this web side and very helpful and easy to learn. I can recommend to my friends.

Viet Tran Hoang writes:

Great chanel, I learn form it very much. love it.

Valeria writes:

It's so interesting to learn English with you!

Carlos Garcia writes:

Thanks for the lessons. I love this approach, is very unique.

Eliane B Sobreira Kuhlmann writes:

I really think this is a good way to learn. My students like it a lot.

usif15 writes:

amazing idea!

Wagner writes:

This website is awe-inspiring, especially for English teachers. Congratulations on your effort to help people learn this beautiful language. Cheers, Wagner English Coach.

Enrique Javier Ruiz Oliva writes:

first good english lessons for me from web. i really like it. cool.

Khaled Mamed writes:

Shining like star Love and respect for you dear teacher

Ma. Guadalupe writes:

It is very good. I believe with this method I will be able to improve my listening. Because it is my weakness

Peace Man writes:

Blessed are the teachers like YOU, for they shall be giving skills to many people

Blanca Looney-Chang writes:

Thank you very much for your support. Teachers are always very grateful when they find your material.

sandra writes:

I'm very happy: Real English it's the best course in the world...also for the italian like me. Thank you. I hope to improve.

Krittika suttitham writes:

the lessons are awesome. it helps my students a lot for improving listening and speaking skills....thank you so much..

hossain writes:

It's great. Real English is prepared good method to learn Real English, and i give my best thanks for this.

David Caicedo Gordon writes:

I think this is a great website. I hope to contribute with any lessons plans for the videos I will be using. Congrats!

Phina Charlot writes:

this program helps me for improving my english. it's the best program.Congratulations!!!!!

Lisseth Garay writes:

I love Real English it is fre and is the most complete program in the web if you want to learn english.

Barbara Maunuela writes:

I really like the way to learn English, it's more fun and dynamic, it doesn't bore me, on the contrary, I'm excited.

Silvia writes:

Very useful lessons and exercises. There's no way not learning!!! Congrats.

Roman writes:

Thank you for a great opportunity to learn English! Its the best resource I ever used!


Thanks very much for your efforts. This source is unique, especially, for the students who do not have oppotunity to practice their English. Thanks very much again. Your work is greatly appreciated.

Baso Nuredi writes:

I would like to say Thank you very much for Mike, The teacher, The crew and whoever you are, who have made these wonderful and helpful English Video Teaching. From these, I get so many valuable things, get improving my English, my listening, my vocabulary and my friends as well. May God Bless you Mike..

Maria Rodriguez writes:

I love to learn with these exercises. I think they are well designed.

Carlos S writes:

Thanks very much!! I love Real English!

Pay Facio writes:

Dear all, Just a brief email to say "thank you". I've been using your videos with my students and they really work! So useful to have real English videos! Thanks a lot!

Fun English writes:

Just watched more of your videos. You've really created something that targets the difficulties that ESL/EFL learners have when studying English. Am impressed by your insight and execution.

Renzo writes:

It is a great course. Thanks, it is very useful.

Nelma Carvalho Lage writes:

I like this site very much because its is easy to understand and the student can learn english step by step. THANKS A LOT.

Malaquias H. de Oliveira writes:

I'm astonished by your dedications in this accurat and efficient material. Thank you all.

Loren writes:

I love this site. It is good to improve my English!

anh xuan writes:

Sounds and nuances of natural language is real life. thanks!

Belen writes:

Thank you for making such useful videos! I want to let you know that I'm a teacher of English and I ALWAYS include your videos in my lessons! Thanks so much for working so hard for all of us! Keep on like this! Best, Belen

tekinayse writes:

I liked this video so much. I want to thank to you for all your videoes..it's so helpful and useful.I really appreciate what you are doing.I am grateful to you.i've been improving my english with your way.Greetings from Turkey!

Penni Gould writes:

This is fabulous! Your materials are so innovative and so right on the mark! It's impossible to find natural English listening activities out there. They're all so "canned". Please make more with advanced grammar and some phrasal verbs please!!!

THU THU writes:

This program very very useful to me. Thanks you very much everybody in Real English Program Team. Have a great future all of you......

Ronald S M Souza writes:

I want fo say thank you very much.. I just discovered your site one week ago and I am enjoyng it a lot. I hope I can improved my knowledge on English. Best Regards Ronald

Claudio writes:

This course is very good to practice even when you speak English well. I'm taking your course every day. It's being very well for me to remember how to pronounce some words. It's fantastic. - I could remember colors and the possessive case with "Whose". Thanks.

Henie Winny writes:

We always respect to your services to improve our English skills with fun.

Luciane writes:

This site is very useful! I'm learning a lot. Thank you so much! It's a wonderful idea! I hope you'll continue adding more exercises! I finished all exercises I can find during 6 - 7 month. big hug

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Hi sir,  you have such a very interesting page on Facebook. What I liked most is that you correct the answers of your followers, it is such an amazing effort from you.  Thank you so much,  I hope I didn't make lot of mistakes.

Louis writes:

Hello, My name is Louis, I'm Brazilian. I'd like to say thank you, and congratulations for your videos and your job, you are brilliant. I've been searching the internet, trying to fink the kind of materials which could put me in touch with the British language and culture. You did it! Thanks - Louis

Grace writes:

It's the best page I ever encounter where we can learn proper English without cost. Thank you so much

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i am very happy to get into this website . it is amazing thing which will help us to learn English language

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Thank you for your support. I am very happy for my class. They love your lessons.

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I love this website! I'll write about it on my blog. Thank you very much for this amazing work!

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Hello, Real English! Thank you for a great opportunity to learn English! Its the best resource I ever used!.

Andrea writes:

Thanks!! My students love it.

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I'd just like to say that real english have been helping me a lot, specially because it illustrates how the language really works (it's the real deal!) and students love it. Thank you very much for such a wonderful project! I know that you make many english teachers happy!

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Hi, I really loved the way you make this.

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Well, I just went through some videos to introduce Real English, and I am very impressed. I feel the way it has all been created is great. People would find it interesting, convenient and enjoyable too. Real good work. I am going to introduce Real English to my students as a vacation gift!

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Eva Cuche (Evamaud) writes:

Many many thanks for your videos. I love using them in my teaching. They bring some fresh air and are really useful too. I've designed many question sheets based on them and would gladly share them with other teachers or students.

Idenis Souza (Evamaud) writes:

Hi my friends!! My name is Idenis and I would to thank you for your videos. Your videos are amazing! I'm video editor and I make commercials.

Fun English writes:

Just wanted to send a quick thank you. I find your videos very creative! Keep up the great work.

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I do recommend this channel a LOT! It does teaches people good English in natural way.

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Fun channel studying English on the streets. very interesting and easy very helpful for me.

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God Bless you! Your videos are of great help in my classes. My students just love them!

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Thank you so much. These videos are a pleasure to watch! Great style and interaction! You are the best to me! :) Eme

naquarelle writes:

Awesome videos! Just what learners really need! Thank you from from Russia

Silvio Lima writes:

I never saw a so inteligent production, so helpfull from learners around the world, Thank you very much!

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Important Note to Teachers and Students:

Real English is based on a very simple idea, the organization and exploitation of spontaneous speech. There are no actors in Real English®. Students identify with ordinary people, i.e., the friendly interviewees who speak to us on the streets of many towns and cities in the US and UK.

Real English is a shock to many learners who have never spent much time in English-speaking countries. But we build the shock into our method, getting our students ready for the real world.

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Free Online Resources For Learning English As a Second Language

English as a second language is the use of English by people whose first language is not English. This practice is often beneficial for individuals who want to improve their English skills or learn a new language. Fortunately, there are several free online resources for learning English, such as Learn English videos and tutorials. Below are some resources for beginners. Start today by exploring these free resources! Also, check out our article on Free English lessons.

Free English lessons online

If you're new to the English language and want to learn how to speak it better, you can try taking free online English lessons. Many of these courses are available through free websites such as Saylor. These courses can help you improve your English, whether it's for business or pleasure. Some of these courses can even award you college credit. However, some may require a small fee for the final exam.

One of the most popular online courses is called World-English. This site offers free English lessons led by a native English speaker who is also a qualified teacher. Each session lasts about 30 minutes. The website's content covers a wide range of topics, from learning about the structure of the English language to idioms and slang.

Another excellent website to look at is the Oxford Online English website. This website provides interactive listening and reading lessons. There are also quizzes that you can take to test your understanding of the content. These quizzes are especially useful after watching practice videos. The quizzes are not too difficult, and you can get immediate feedback if you miss a question.

Many people may be interested in learning how to speak English, but not everyone has the funds to pay for a private tutor. The internet has made learning English more accessible than ever, enabling people from all over the world to connect with one another and improve their language skills. In addition to traditional classroom settings, there are many free online courses that offer individual attention and personalized learning plans. You may even find a native English speaker who's willing to teach you.

Learn English videos

One of the best ways to learn English is to watch videos that teach the language. These videos can help you learn vocabulary and grammar. Often, they include subtitles to help you follow along. In addition, they include additional content, such as extra information on pronunciation rules. You can also use these videos to practice conversational English.

You can find videos that teach English by watching them, or you can also download them to your computer. There are many ways to use these videos, but one of the most effective ways is to watch them one exercise at a time until you get to the end of a lesson. During this process, you should pause the video and repeat the words. You can also pause the video and try to understand the meaning of a new word.

Another great way to learn English is to watch TV shows. There are many English language TV series available, including Spongebob and Star Wars, for example. These programs show clips from popular shows, and will also teach you useful expressions and vocabulary. These videos are particularly useful for younger children, and can help with memory. Some of them will even teach you English phrases. Learning English through TV shows can also be helpful if you want to teach your child the language without having to hire a professional.

Another great option for learning English is by watching videos on YouTube. You can find dozens of different channels that teach the language. Some even offer free courses. You can even find Q&A sessions where you can get answers to questions. Most English learning videos will be fun to watch, and if you're looking for a fast way to learn the language, these are the best options for you.

English tutorials

English tutorials as a second language offer a wide variety of courses and resources that help students learn the language. Lessons are organized according to the level of the learner, and range from basic to advanced. In addition to learning the language, students are taught about the role of language in thought and imagination. They study essential elements of language, and translate and analyze philosophical and literary texts. They also learn about the meaning of words, grammatical features, and logical and rhetorical structures.

Beginning English lessons

One method of teaching English to beginners is through social media. This method gives students the opportunity to see how people use common words and phrases and practice what they learn. Another good method of teaching is with "idiom of the day" lessons, which teach common colloquial phrases. Students can watch videos and listen to the pronunciation of these phrases to better understand how to use them.

In order to learn the language, you must develop your vocabulary. This means learning how to use words, as well as identifying and avoiding grammatical structures. You need to start with the basic parts of speech and move on to more advanced vocabulary. When you begin learning English, you need to be patient and learn to speak naturally. In addition to speaking, listening to movies and listening to radio programs are also good ways to develop your language skills.

It is essential to know how to use the dictionary. Dictionary use will help you become more independent and responsible as you learn new words. Many modern educational systems have upgraded methods of teaching with digital materials, including the use of electronic dictionaries. These electronic dictionaries have many advantages, including the ability to speak English words to you and make learning easier. They are also convenient and easy to carry.

While the pronunciation of English words may seem difficult to ESL students, it is important to keep in mind that some ESL students learn words more easily than others. For example, the letters "TH" do not exist in many languages, making it difficult for them to pronounce it properly. Additionally, the letter "R" is more difficult for many ESL learners because of its pronunciation in different regional dialects.

Intermediate English lessons

The goal of Intermediate English lessons as a second language is to increase the student's language competence by developing their reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. The course also focuses on developing students' numeracy skills. Students also learn to apply advanced grammar rules and conventions. They practice reading fluency and comprehension and are encouraged to read and write actively. The course is open to a wide range of students who are looking to expand their vocabulary.

The first step to becoming a successful intermediate English speaker is to make sure you take your learning seriously. To achieve this, you should create a daily schedule that includes study sessions. It is best to study for at least 30 minutes a day, but preferably more. You should also work on eliminating mistakes. Speaking with a native speaker can help you identify mistakes and upgrade your vocabulary.

For adults, completing an Advanced English as a Second Language course will provide you with the skills you need to read and understand complex materials. This course will also give you strategies for recognizing main ideas, transitional words, and organizational patterns in text. It will also teach you how to write essays and analyze arguments. You will need to take placement tests to qualify for this course.

An important part of teaching intermediates is identifying your learners' needs and goals. Knowing which students you're teaching will help you determine the best instructional strategies. For example, children with limited English literacy skills need a different approach than adults who are learning English as a second language.

Online English lessons

If you're ready to teach English online, you've come to the right place. While teaching online offers many benefits, including greater flexibility and mobility, it also brings with it some challenges. For example, student engagement and lesson planning will be different than when you're teaching in person. You'll also have to get used to using digital props instead of real ones. Even teachers with a lot of experience teaching in-person classes will have to adapt their teaching practices for online classes.

Coursera is one of the leading providers of online learning, and its English language learning program is funded by the U.S. Department of State. The program includes lessons on everything from job searching to resume-writing and interviewing. You can audit the course for free, and after you've completed it, you can purchase a certificate and downloadable course content.

Beyond English is an online school that specializes in teaching English to Latin Americans. It employs part-time teachers who work up to 16 hours per week. The company aims to teach students with unique needs and puts the student in the center of the learning process. It also offers both private and small-group classes.

The Perfectly Spoken program is another option for English language learners. It has 60 lessons with video lessons and is meant for slightly more advanced students. It aims to expand vocabulary, improve word usage, and improve fluency. The program makes use of students' own experiences to teach them proper verb tenses, functional expressions, and new words. It also includes useful vocabulary from different areas, including finances, relationships, and shopping.

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The Instructions for using Real English are very simple and have been translated into 42 languages on our blog, by volunteer translators.
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  4. Click on "EXERCISE 1". Read the instructions. Do all the exercises.

Our interactive lessons cover short, easily digestible extracts of the main videos using step-by-step exercises. There is a great deal of natural repetition. Real English® is ideal for classroom teaching and self study, and also perfect for online learning with a teacher using Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype.

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