Real English Lessons
Lesson 1 - Hi!

Level: Beginner
Normal, Formal, and Informal Greetings, What's your name?, and possessive adjectives.

Lesson 2 - Where are you from?

Level: Beginner
Includes This vs that and an introduction to introducing people.

Lesson 3a - The Alphabet

Level: Absolute Beginner through Advanced!
Almost everyone needs to review their spelling skills. Includes the alphabet chart and 10 people spelling their names.

Lesson 3b - Spelling Test

Level: Beginner
Spelling Test for Beginners. You will meet both native speakers of English and others learning English as a Second Language.

Lesson 4 - What's your favorite color?

Level: Beginner
A simple beginner clip for more practice with "be". Introduction to "whose" the possessive form of "who".

Lesson 5 - What nationality are you?

Level: Beginner
Listening comprehension and vocabulary plus distinctions between countries and nationalities. Expression "How about.. ?"

Lesson 6 - Introducing yourself & others

Level: Beginner
Making introductions, an important social function. Includes spelling review. Family relationships: inlaws, the apostrophe, expressions with get.

Lesson 7 - What's your astrological sign?

Level: Pre-Intermediate
This lesson concentrates on a great deal of useful vocabulary while introducing like as an adverb. Verb be present tense, continued.

Lesson 8a - Cardinal Numbers

Level: Beginner
This lesson is the basis of the 4 other number lessons where we study numbers in specific useful contexts.

Lesson 8b - Ordinal Numbers

Level: Beginner
Ordinal Numbers. The basic form of ordinal numbers with a illustrations.

Lesson 8c - How old are you?

Level: Beginner
How old are / is, with all subject pronouns. Practice in the affirmative, negative and interrogative. Expression "Do you mind...?"

Lesson 8d - Dates

Level: Beginner
Birthdays and birth dates - use of "in" and "on"  (in February, on February 29th). US vs International date formats. Days of the week.

Lesson 9 - Telling the Time

Level: Beginner
Telling the time in the USA and UK - Dictation Quiz: the ultimate in listening comprehension, with a constant help module integrated into the quiz itself.

Lesson 10 - The Jones Family

Level: Beginner
Pure Americana - The family members describe each other. Adjectives galore. Antonyms and synonyms. Review of introducing people.

Lesson 11 - Are you married?

Level: Beginner / Pre-Intermediate
Maital status - Jr. and Sr. (US) - Expression "How dare you...!" Are you married? with other beginner questions.

Lesson 12 - What's the weather like?

Level: Beginner
What's the weather like? All sorts of weather, with vocabulary illusrtations followed by a dictation exercise.

Lesson 13 - What are the Americans like?

Level: Beginner
Stereotypes - Expressing opinions - Use of "self" as prefix (self-confident, etc.) - UK idiom "over the top" - "There" as adverb and pronoun.

Lesson 14 - What are the British like?

Level: Beginner
Adjective vocabulary, adverb "otherwise" - "Well" as adverb-prefix - The British vs The English - Synonyms and Antonyms, part 2.

Lesson 15 -Modal Verb Can

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Can (to be able to do something) - Present, past, & future forms: Can, could and will be able to - Adverb placement - "Else" as adverb & adjective.

Lesson 16 - What are the French like?

Level: Intermediate
Introduction to the Present Simple & Past Simple - Object Pronouns - A few uses of get - Introduction to the 2nd Conditional and the Present Perfect.

Lesson 16b - Lisa, an American tourist in London

Level: Intermediate
Introduction to the near future - How long for lengths of time - The use of "you guys" as the plural of "you" for both men & women

Lesson 17 - What are the Italians like?

Level: Beginner
Extensive beginner review of lessons 1 to 14 - Enjoy doing - Everyday adjectives not often found in beginner lessons.

Lesson 18 - What are the Germans like?

Level: Intermediate
Use of like as an adverb - Introduction the the Present Simple with ago - Idiom: let one's hair down.

Lesson 19 - Giving Directions - "Lost in England"

Level: Beginner / Pre-Intermediate
Can you tell me the way to...? - A typical reply: "Go up to the lights and turn right, then turn left at the stop sign. It's the church on your right."

Lesson 20 - Going to a Place

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Introduction to the Present Continuous: Eleven examples of going to a place - On one's way as synonym - Head as verb.

Lesson 21 - The Present Simple

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Introduction to the Present Simple (Do / Does) - Job activities - The use of "so" for agreement - Grammar recap of this verb tense.

Lesson 22 - Continental Airlines

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Do vs Doing with the Customer Service Representative - Airport vocabulary - Excellent job description based on reality.

Lesson 23 - Got = Have got = Have

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Includes US/UK variations: pudding, + whatever, "How about...? etc. Gallon / liter conversion - Requests with Can & Can't.

Lesson 24 - What do you do for a living?

Level: Pre-Intermediate
The Simple Present for Jobs - Doing vs Do, as natural as it gets - Review, pronunciation of G & J - Have to and must - Job jargon - One's own (songs).

Lesson 24b - Dream Job

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Reinforcement of "What do you do?" Is that your dream job? What IS your dream job? - "Run" for "manage" - "heart-wrenching", "entrepreneur".

Lesson 29 - Like doing - Part 1 of 2

Level: Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate
Like to do = Like doing - Verbs followed by gerunds - Reflexive pronouns - Like as an interjection, in addition to its main use - A typical use of "stuff".

Lesson 30 - Like doing - Part 2 of 2

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Continuation like to do = like doing - Acre / hectare conversion - Phrasal verb hang out - Take drives = go for drives.

Lesson 31 - How long does it take?

Level: Pre-Intermediate
A Unique Use of the Present Simple: How long for duations of time - How + adjectives, a very different "How long" (How large, how deep, etc.).

Lesson 32 - Where do you live?

Level: Intermediate
Another common use of the Present Simple - Prepositions - Brief intro to the Present Perfect - Expression "Born and raised" - Say vs tell.

Lesson 34 - Introduction to Present Continuous

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Do vs Doing II - Actions happening in a period around the present moment in time. - I've just arrived: use of Present Perfect with "just".

Lesson 37 - The "Doing" Classic

Level: Beginner / Pre-Intermediate
Extensive practice with the Present Continuous - Present progressive grammar - Basic forms (infinitives) and present continuous forms.

Lesson 38 - What are you wearing?

Level: Beginner / Pre-Intermediate
A wide range of clothing bocabulary - Present progressive grammar - Basic forms (infinitives) and present continuous forms.

Lesson 39b - Joey

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Joey from Hollywood, Florida. This clip puts the emphasis on grammar: superlatives, gerunds, conditionals & Q + A tags.

Lesson 40 - Introduction to "going to do"

Level: Pre-Intermediate
The near future & use of so "I don't think so." - Expressions "I can't really say.", etc.

Lesson 40b - Describing your loved ones

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Vocabulary-rich descriptions - Introduction to the Present Perfect - The use of "would" for requests.

Lesson 42 - Was and Were

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Were you good at school? Past of be - So + auxiliary verb + subject for agreeing with someone: so was he, so were they....

Lesson 43 - Marty & her Daughter

Level: Beginner
Introducing the Simple Past "Did" with irregular verb - Possessive Nouns - Grammar recap of regular and irregular verbs.

Lesson 46 - Yesterday

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Extensive practice with the past simple, includes ago. - Asking oneself a question - So did he; so did I.

Lesson 47 - Used to do

Level: Pre-Intermediate
Used to + infinitive - A unique form of the past tense. Contrast with I am used to doing something.

Lesson 48 - Jim and Robin

Level: Intermediate
The Present Perfect 1 - The present perfect essentials. British and N. American differrences in the use of this tense.

Lesson 52 - Johnny & Noelle-Christine Brazil

Level: Intermediate
Happy newlyweds bring us the Present Perfect 2 with done, and for vs since - Use of the superlative.

Lesson 53 - The Messenger

Level: Intermediate
James Jackson delivers the Present Perfect 3 thanks to the interviewer's question - How long have...? - Expression "It pays the bills." etc.

Lesson 55 - Women & Conditional Tenses

Level: Upper Intermediate
3 Conditional tenses - Vocab.: one of many phrasal verbs using hold: "hold on" (with 4 definitions) - What should he have done?

Lesson 57 - The Present Perfect Continuous

Level: Intermediate
The Present Perfect & Present Perfect Continuous are always used with other verb tenses as we see in this lesson.

Lesson 58 - Fernando from Brazil

Level: Intermediate
Fernando - How to learn English or any other second language. Two opinions reflecting two types of language learners.

Lesson 81 - Another Country

Level: Intermediate
Have you ever lived in another country? Can you make a comparison or contrast between (that country) and the USA?

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