Six Apps and Platforms for Essay Writing

Modern problems require modern solutions. And so do daily processes that have always been in a person's life. This time, we are talking about writing and essay writing in particular. Once upon a time, it was simultaneously both difficult and easy.

"Difficult" is used here because of handwriting. One mistake could mean that you have to rewrite the entire page. There was no option to store the written text in case it got lost. Thus, it was a very time-consuming process with almost no room for mistakes.

"Easy" stands here for lack of options of where to write, meaning auxiliary apps and platforms. There was only a blank sheet of paper, knowledge in the head, and / or grammar and punctuation rules at hand.

Nowadays, the Internet offers its assistance in essay writing. You can even opt for professional help and let services like do the job for you. Many students prefer to delegate some tasks because it is impossible to keep up with all of them.

Yet, it can be challenging to choose an app or a platform that will suit you. Let's see what we can suggest to you in a world of endless possibilities.


Grammarly allows saving typed text and return to it at any convenient time. Just ensure that you have a stable connection to keep the whole already written content. Though, you can find that Grammarly reminds you that you can exit it without saving: a pleasant double-checking in case if a connection fails suddenly.

Grammarly will ask you to buy a Premium account for a better experience and a wider list of features it can offer. You may buy it if you wish, but the so-called "demo-version" still assists you in fixing careless mistakes, revisiting grammar and punctuation rules, and reminding about tautologies or missing articles.

Also, Grammarly can please you with a possibility to check your essay for plagiarism. And you do not need to worry in case if your professors use Turnitin: your essay will retain its originality after such a check.


Evernote may not be as attractive as Grammarly because it does not have a feature of correcting careless mistakes. Still, it is worthy of your attention. With Evernote, you can sync your notes on your phone and save them to your profile, which you can open from your PC. See, you can start typing an outline for your essay or some fragments of text and then continue it when you have access to a more comfortable device. Alongside typing, Evernote can take pictures and record sound, which also can be useful if you like to record ideas with voice.
Evernote has four types of accounts, and three of them are paid. Evernote Basic is a free account with some limitations (e.g., the volume of one note, traffic, and sync of only two devices), but it is still of great use whenever you need to write and save your notes.


CustomEssayMeister is a service where professional writers can provide you with academic assistance. This one will come in handy in case you need help creating an outline for your essay, the help of a compare and contrast essay writer or even just proofreading your term paper. Keep this service in mind when you find yourself struggling with your studies and especially written assignments.


Please, answer honestly: have you ever been distracted while writing an essay? Probably, yes, with a lot of distractors (social media, games, etc.), you may find it difficult to start writing and end it without "intermissions." You may not notice how you automatically open the new tab and get distracted by more exciting content or activity. FocusWriter considers this concentration fragility and offers an interface where you find it difficult to click on another app mindlessly. With FocusWriter, you can make essay writing enjoyable: you can set your custom theme, choose sound effects, and turn on statistics and spell-checking. Also, the app is translated into 20 languages, so if English is your second language, you can find your native one to feel a bit at home.


ProWritingAid is similar to Grammarly with its thesaurus, plagiarism checker, and style improvement. It also can assist you in checking terminology issues, finding and eliminating tautology and redundancy, and enhancing paper structure. Unlike Grammarly, ProWritingAid has different materials (articles and videos), which will help you. And quizzes. Quizzes are fun in learning something new.

Hemingway Editor

Sometimes, you may not notice how your text is overloaded with complicated and long sentences. Sometimes, you may overuse adverbs or passive voice. In particular, it happens if English is not your native language. Hemingway Editor is here to help you to see the mentioned issues. Also, it highlights when a sentence has a simpler alternative, and which sentences are hard or very hard to read. It is free, and it gives you tips on how to replace a word or phrase. Check it, and you will like it.


Found that you do not have enough time at all, and no applications and notes can help you now? No worries, there are some platforms that can save you in your time of need. For example essay writing service Here, you can find a professional essay paper writer who will assist you with your essay writing and will be here to edit and correct it, if need be (but be sure to check the FAQ). At an affordable cost, an essay paper writer will do your assignment according to your instructions, requirements, and preferences. And it will be a unique content!