How to Write a Stellar AP English Essay


In today's world, high school students can earn college credit before their graduation by taking the AP. AP is an abbreviation for Advanced Placement, an exam that shows your capability and grip on your college-level coursework. You do not have to take classes for AP, but the exam is at a cost. Though the idea of paying to have an exam may seem ridiculous, this will help you in the long run by reducing college fees and refining your coursework content.

The AP test is 3 hours and 15 minutes long and has two portions. One is the multiple choice questions, having 55 questions relating to the four reading passages given in the exam. The other part of the exam is known as free-response. This part of the exam contains three essay topics, and you have to write them in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

To help you ace your free-response section of the exam, the following cheap essay writing service - Affordable Papers - has formulated some tips and tricks. We start with the most basic, which is the essay writing method. Then we move on to understanding the different types of essays that the AP exam requires, and finally arrive at time management.

Writing the AP English Essay


An AP English essay is divided into three parts; introduction, body, and conclusion. Each has its own requirements to fulfill. Introductions and conclusions usually have one paragraph describing the essay's aim, whereas the body consists of several paragraphs explaining the topic in the most comprehensive manner.


An introduction usually starts with discussing unfamiliar terms and defining them. It provides the background information regarding the topic and also reviews the past work done on the topic. It includes the purpose of the essay and your analysis of the topic. Furthermore, it represents the organization of the essay and has to have a thesis statement, which is going to give the reader an idea of what you will be analyzing in this essay.


The body is the core point of the essay. This is where you showcase your ideas and analysis of the topic whilst remaining relevant to the thesis statement. The arguments are made, pieces of evidence are given, and your ability to interlink the components of the body paragraphs to prove your point is tested.


The last part of the essay is the conclusion. The conclusion is not about introducing a new idea or making a new statement but summarizes what has already been discussed in the essay. It is not elaborate or comprehensive but shows an interline between the ideas already discussed and gives them an appropriate conclusion.

For a perfect essay, it is important to have a point of introduction, an analytic and skillful body, and a summarizing conclusion. These qualities are enough for a high-scoring essay.

Types of Essays


There are three types of essays in the AP exam. Each having equal weight on the 55% scoring that the essay portion acquires. The essays given to you are synthesis essays, argumentative essays, and rhetorical essays by nature.

Synthesis Essay

The synthesis essay is argumentative. For this, you are given several passages, and because of the reading involved, you have an additional 15 minutes. This means by the time you are done reading; you will still have 2 hours. Then, using the information given in the passages, you have to give an argument synthesizing the information and exploring your point of view regarding the topic.

Argumentative Essay

Just like a synthesis essay, you are required to have an argument in this essay. Still, the difference is that in the former essay, you have several pieces of information that you had to analyze. Still, in an argumentative essay, you have only one passage to give an argument on. You are to provide examples and use ideas from the passage to give evidence for your points.

Rhetorical Essay

In this essay, you will have to analyze the rhetoric of the passage given to you. You will have to understand the author's purpose and what he requires the readers to do. You do have to view and analyze the stylistics of the passage, but also describe the author's ideas and views in this essay.

The first two essays are argumentative, with the only difference being the number of passages needed to form an argument. The third one bases itself on understanding the author's intention regarding the passage he wrote.

Time Management

As you might have heard your teachers say "for a successful life, you have to learn and master the skill of time management". Just like that, to ace your AP exam, you have to be very efficient with time. It is important to understand that you have only 2 hours and 15 minutes to write three essays without any choice or alternative. So our experts have come out with the perfect plan for you to use your 2 hours and 15 minutes time frame efficiently.

10 minutes for planning

In this step, you will be going through your topic and passage very carefully and understanding what is being asked of you. Then you will be noting the keywords and phrases that are important for your essay. After this, you will be able to derive a thesis statement for your essay, which will be in the introduction. During this time, you will also organize your ideas and the body paragraphs for your essay.

This will make you more fluent with words and ideas and you will be able to write much faster.

25 minutes for each essay writing

Having already organized your essay and ideas, you will be much more fluent with your writing. Twenty-five minutes would be enough for you to produce a high-scoring essay.

5 minutes for proofreading

To avoid minor punctuation and grammar mistakes, give yourself five minutes to review, edit, and proofread your essay.

Keeping up with this method of time division, you would be able to have a clear view of what you have written and be able to finish your AP English exam more efficiently without compromising the quality of your work.

In the end, the purpose of this exam is to test the student's ability to communicate their ideas and how they come up with ideas regarding an unfamiliar topic, showcasing their mastery of the English language.

We hope our expert guide will help you write a successful AP English essay in college or university. We wish you good luck with your writing!