Lesson 8b

Ordinal Numbers

Level: Beginner

Lesson contents:

- Ordinal numbers.


Always watch the video without subtitles first in order to train your ears! It's a good idea to watch several times until you feel the "music", before watching the version with subtitles. Your pronunciation will be much better if you follow this rule.


Exercises for this lesson:


How to do the lessons:
  1. Watch the video without subtitles.
  2. Do all the Exercises.
  3. Come back to this page.
  4. Watch the video with English Subtitles. Use the Pause button. People speak fast!


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Ordinal Numbers
Click on "Exercise 1" after watching!


BOTH Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers:


!You Tube!



First we teach our students the basic form of ordinal numbers with a brief illustration, and in the 4th number lesson we do extensive practice with a common, important use of ordinal numbers: dates.