Lesson 57, Exercise 13 - 'Have been doing' and 'Did'

The Present Perfect Continuous and the Past

Watch the video, then answer the question.
The Present Perfect Continuous and the Simple Past

It is 1 p.m. Minda finishes work at 5 p.m. It is the middle of Minda's workday. She must work 4 more hours. We use the Present Perfect Continuous because she has not finished working.

Listen to the interviewer again! What is the question? Type the missing words!
interviewer: have been doing the city ?

What is the Minda's answer? Listen to Minda again! Type the missing words!
Minda: I for most of the day. I just lunch with some of my co-workers, and we pizza.

It is 2 p.m. Has Minda finished working? she hasn't finished working!
2 very different verb tenses.

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