Lesson 55, Exercise 4 - "Hold on" to your wife or husband means to stay with them.

Watch the video. Read. Listen. Type the missing word, then click on Check.

Carlos says "Gonna hold on":
"The next time I get married I'm going to hold on".

In this picture we see a man and woman "holding on" to each other. When you "hold on", you stay together.
Watch the video and read the corresponding text:

Interviewer: And so the next time you get married, do you think you're going to try harder?
Carlos: Gonna hold on.
Interviewer: You're going to hold on?
Carlos: I'm gonna (going to) hold on.
Interviewer: Okay.

Speaking about Carlos, he says that the next time he gets married, he's going to "hold on".
In other words, he is going to with his next wife for a long time. He is not going to get divorced.
The answer is one verb with 4 letters. That's all!

This picture shows a different meaning of "hold on". When we ask someone to wait, on the phone, for example, we use the same phrasal verb.
Hold has over 25 definitions. There are also many phrasal verbs with "hold" such as "hold back", "hold off", and the one which Carlos uses: hold on.
A basic review of the verb hold: to have or keep in the hand. These kids are holding fish:

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