Lesson 55, Exercise 1 - The Third Conditional

Summary of Conditionals. Carlos uses the 3rd conditional.
He says that if he had known the consequences, he would not have gotten a divorce.

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Interviewer: What's the biggest mistake you think you ever made?
Carlos: Uhm, getting . (For marital status vocabulary, see this Real English lesson).
Interviewer: You got... That was a bad thing to do?
Carlos: Yeah, yeah, that was a thing to do.
Interviewer: And why was that was a bad thing to do, do you think?
Carlos: Uhm, because I believe I'm, I'm paying for it right now.
Interviewer: Ah hah! OK. So if you had it to do over again, you gotten that divorce?
Carlos: No, I wouldn't have. I'd have, I'd have tried harder.
Interviewer: Tried harder?
Carlos: Yeah, I would have harder.
Interviewer: And so the next time you get married, do you think you're going to try harder?
Carlos: Gonna hold on.
Interviewer: You're going to hold on?
Carlos: I'm gonna hold on.
Interviewer: Okay.
Probable? Conditional Example Tense
Certain Zero Conditional If you live, you also die. All Tenses
Probable 1st Conditional If we have a party, we will have a drink. Future
Not Probable 2nd Conditional If I won $10,000,000, I would invest it. Future
Not Possible 2nd Conditional If I hadn't broken my back, I would help you. Present


Not Possible. Watch the Video.
3rd Conditional If Carlos had known the consequences, he would not have gotten a divorce.

Note: In North America, we use "gotten" as the the past participle of "get". Most English-speaking countries in the rest of the world use "got".
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