Joey - Tag Answers - Exercise 4

Watch! Learn! Answer the question!
Listen to these answers, then type the answers to the questions using tags!

Tags: Questions with answer tags.

Question Correct Answer 1 Correct Answer 2
with answer tag
Do you like your uncle? Yes. Yes, I do.
Would you like to be president? Yes. Yes, I would.
Should we drive while talking on the phone? No. No, we shouldn't!
Is the sky blue? Yes. Yes, it is!
Did you go to the party last night? No. No, I didn't.

Notes: 1 - A tag answer includes a repetition of the auxiliary verb (do, did, will, is, are, etc.).
2 - It emphasises the "yes" or "no". It makes your answer or your opinion very clear, or/and stronger.

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