Lesson 24 - Erin - Exercise 10

Watch the video. Answer the question.
Every industry has its jargon. Listen to the teacher:
1 - In the video industry, a photographer films (or videotapes) scenes. A photographer shoots moving pictures.
2 - live truck: a vehicle with an antenna for broadcasting scenes in real time.

3 - To shoot is to film or to videotape (to take a moving picture).
4 - To set up: to put into place and adjust. Erin sets up live trucks.
5 - To put up with a person: to tolerate a difficult (fussy) person. For example, Erin works with a reporter who is very demanding. He is never satisfied with the results on Channel 2 television news.

Erin's a photographer.
Erin's an editor.
Erin sets up live trucks.
Erin puts up with fussy reporters.
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