Lesson 23, Exercise 9: Hey, cameraman, have you GOT it?

Watch the video.

Interviewer: Excuse me.
Virginia: Hello.
Interviewer: What do you have in the bag?
Virginia: I have groceries, strawberries, and milk, and...
Interviewer: Can you show us just one thing, and tell us what it is?
Virginia: How about some lettuce?
Interviewer: Okay. And what is that?
Virginia: Lettuce.
Interviewer: Got it?
Cameraman: (does not speak, but gives an OK sign, like this):
The index finger and thumb touch each other in this typical 'OK sign'.
Interviewer: OK!
Here we see lots of groceries, including fresh food, personal hygiene products, and cleaning products.

groceries (noun): meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy products (milk, for example) and supplies for the home in general.

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