Lesson 16, Exercise 1: Bill's General Opinion of the French

General Questions about Bill's Opinion
16-1.jpgNote to teachers: The videos used in this lesson include clips for both beginners and intermediate level students. The beginner clips are limited to the question "What are the French like?" and the answers to "They are (adjectives)". However, 5 out of the 15 videos in this lesson go beyond this beginner-level limitation. Here we begin with a "difficult" video, serving as a preview of the present simple, the simple past, and the present perfect. We will make an exception and watch both regular and subtitled versions of the more advanced clips in order to facilitate understanding.
Tap on any word once (mobile), or double-click on any word (computer), to read an English definition. If you need an approximate translation to your own language, the Google Translate button is available at the top of the screen.