Lesson 15, Exercise 4 - Vocabulary for the 'Can you cook?' exercises.

Vocabulary you will hear in the videos in the next 7 exercises, beginning in Exercie 5.

  What's your best dish?

What's a "dish"? It has TWO main meanings: An empty plate or specially prepared food!

Vocabulary Term / Audio Definition / Audio
countable noun
An empty dish. 'Dish' has 2 main meanings. Firstly, the physical, empty dish and Secondly, specially prepared food, often cooked according to a traditional recipe. This one is an empty dish in the singulara plate; pottery or glass for serving food
countable noun, plural

4 dishes
Several empty dishes. 4 dishes (plural)
dish (2nd definition)
countable noun
This is a dish in the second sense, a dish of noodles with sauce and vegetables.a particular type of food preparation

Example: a noodle dish (In the video, see other examples (Carmine's Veal Marsala dish.)
dishes (2nd definition)
countable noun
The plural of dishes in the sense of prepared food. 3 different Italian dishes.Example 2 (plural): three types of Italian dishes
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