Lesson 13, Exercise 2 - Zoey uses 4 adjectives.

Watch the video, learn the vocabulary, and then answer the question.
1 - friendly (adjective): kindly, with goodwill, comforting, not antagonistic, not hostile.
2 - accommodating (adjective): willing to please, helpful.
Accommodating means helpful and kind or friendy. We see such people here, willing to help.

3 - Zoey also says that Americans are not reserved. They're open:
A very reserved person will cover their face with their hand, as this reserved girl is doing.

4 - Zoey also says that Americans are open.
has 22 meanings as an adjective, as you can see in my favorite dictionary.
Open people are often a lot of fun, like these 4 laughing people. They're not reseerved.

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