Lesson 11, Exercise 3 - Kitty asks: "Do you know anybody in the States?"

Kitty asks "Do you know anybody in the States?" WHY?
 Read Kitty's interview:
  Interviewer: What is your name, Madam?
Kitty:  Kitty.
Interviewer:  Kitty?
Kitty:  Yeah... Where do you come from, by the way?
Interviewer:  I'm from the United States.
Kitty:  Are you really? What part?
Interviewer:  Well, I live in New Jersey now, just outside Manhattan.
Kitty:   Oh yes.
Interviewer:  Are you married, Kitty?
Kitty:  No, unfortunately, no. Do you know anybody in the States?
Interviewer:  I may! I may know someone...

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