Lesson 10, Exercise 9 - Why is everyone laughing?
Maybe because Pat, the mother, is being honest!

New vocabulary. Type the adjectives.

Interviewer: And can you give me 2 or 3 adjectives to describe Patty?

Pat: , , and .

Vocabulary (adjectives):

Satisfactory illustrated as a grade 'C' in a US school, meaning just OK, not very good. Not excellent. Not unsatisfacory either.
satisfactory: Just OK, not excellent, not really bad.
Many people think that little puppy dogs like this one are lovable.
lovable: Endearing, adorable, amiable, cute. Some people think that puppy dogs are lovable.
Many people would say that this young lady is attractive, which means good looking.
attractive: appealing, pretty.
Tap on any word once (mobile), or double-click on any word (computer), to read an English definition. If you need an approximate translation to your own language, the Google Translate button is available at the top of the screen.