Lesson 1 - Exercise 12 - Type in the blanks.


Type in the missing words. After answering all 10, click or tap on "Check" to see your score.
Part 1
1 -

Interviewer: to meet you.
Mr. Matthews: Pleased to meet you.
2 -

Interviewer: What's your name?
Sona: Alexander Shepp.
Interviewer: And what's your name?
Sona: Sona Koofkada.
Interviewer: . Good to see you guys.
3 -

Interviewer: How are you doing?
Chuck: OK. How are you doing?
Interviewer: Very .
4 -

Interviewer: Hello.
Colonel Allthorpe: ?
Interviewer: How do you do?
5 -

Interviewer: Hi there.
Jimmy: are you doing?
Interviewer: Good! What is your name?
Jimmy: My name is Jimmy Sullivan.
Part 2
1 -

Interviewer: And what's YOUR name?
Interviewee #2: Raphael.
Interviewer: Good to meet you .
2 -

Interviewer: your name?
Interviewee: My name is David.
3 -

Interviewer: What's your name?
Policeman: My name? Alan. My name Alan.
4 -

Interviewer: What's your name?
Interviewee: name is Silva Raker.
5 -

Interviewer: O.K. What's your name, sir?
Interviewee: My 's Joe Clancy.
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