Upper-Intermediate videos

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Lesson 46 - Fifteen interviews on "yesterday" (Simple past Part 3) - One of the true classics
Level: Intermediate - Lesson 46 exercises available!

Lesson 47 - Used to do, used to be - A unique form of the past tense
Level: Intermediate - Lesson 47 exercises available!

Lesson 48 - The Present Perfect 1 - A short clip with the present perfect essentials. - This clip is designed for complete verb review, and includes the famous present perfect.
Level: Intermediate - Lesson 48 exercises available!

Lesson 49 - Sophia and Etta James - An inspiring topical clip
Level: Upper Intermediate / Advanced - Exercises coming soon.

Lesson 50 - Roberta & Maira from Belo Horizonte, Brazil - A topical clip: the interviewer says that Roberta and Maira are "Culture Collectors". Why?
Level: Upper Intermediate / Advanced - Exercises coming soon.

Lesson 51 - Contrast of The Present Perfect and the Simple Past - A rich video illustrating the difference between "What have you done today?" and "What did you do yesterday?"
Level: Intermediate - Exercises coming soon.

Lesson 52 - The Present Perfect 3 (with for and since). These 2 are in love. The student's job is to find the present perfect. The teacher's job is to explain why we don't hear "for" where it is used.
Level: Intermediate - Lesson 52 exercises available!

Lesson 53 - The Present Perfect 4 with review of 3 other tenses previously studied in Real English. The Messenger is my favorite guy in Real English.
Level: Intermediate - Lesson 53 exercises available!

Lesson 54 - Coincidence - Have you ever experienced a strange coincidence?
Level: Upper Intermediate/Advanced - Exercise coming later.

Lesson 55 - "Women" and Our Worst Decisions - The Third Conditional Tense
Level: Upper Intermediate/Advanced - Lesson 55 exercises available!

Lesson 56 - The Present Perfect 4 with review of other verb tenses. This is a good verb review (find the present perfect!). Also includes comparatives & superlatives. Michael seems a bit strannge. He says he wants to make other people happy.
Level: Upper Intermediate - Exercises coming soon.

Lesson 57 - The Present Perfect 5 with inevitable review of other tenses. One interview in this 3-interview video involves Minda Lake who speaks naturally and very clearly. This combination is rare.
Level: Intermediate - Lesson 57 exercises available!


!You Tube!


Real English is different. Students who have not lived in an English-speaking country should begin with Lesson 1! The people in the videos are spontaneous. Spontaneity is difficult for many students, just like real situations with strangers are difficult. The people seem to speak fast, but in reality, they are speaking at normal speed.

Real English is also different concerning "levels". Example: Lesson 43 is very easy because the people speak very clearly.

But they use a verb structure which is usually called "Intermediate". All the people you meet in Real English speak naturally, but some people speak more clearly, and more slowly than others.

On the other hand, "levels" are usually determined according to the relative difficulty of the grammar structure used in a lesson. When we say "Beginner", "Intermediate" and "Advanced" we are speaking about grammar difficulty, not the way the people speak. This is why you will find some difficult beginner lessons & easy intermediate lessons!