Lesson 80

Other Than Money

Level: Intermediate
Lesson contents:
  • Synonyms in the context of the dialogues: besides = other than; going on 4 years = almost 4 years; gain from = get out of; chill out = relax.
  • New Vocabulary: Physician, resident.
  • Specific Verb Structures: To be able to in the present perfect.
  • Expressions: Who would have thought? - It's in my blood.

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What have you gained from your current job other than money?

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This is the first South Beach Miami clip out of of nine: "What have you gained from your current job other than money?"

It is widely argued that the main motivation for working at a job is not money. According to numerous studies, some people work for personal reasons based on achievement of particular goals that are personally satisfying. Others like to contribute to something larger than themselves, something they esteem important. Some people have personal missions they accomplish through meaningful work. Others simply love what they do or the customrs they meet. Others like the interaction with coworkers

We decided to ask this question in our latest filming camapaign. This is one of the questions suggested by María del Carmen Pérez Sánchez in the context of the recent Real English MOOC.

You will meet people who cite personal satisfaction for a variety of reasons, or a sense of responsibility or self-worth gained through their jobs. Others speak of the opportunities of meeting other people and networking. Still others cite the satisfaction of helping to change people's lives for the better.