Lesson 7, Exercise 7 - The phrasal verb 'vouch for' is explained after the quiz.

Watch the video. Type the missing words. Click on Check when you are finished.
Use these 6 words and phrases with the punctuation in your answers!
   I can vouch for that.      Is that true?      Stubborn.      Stubborn?      They're wonderful,      too   

Interviewer: What is your astrological sign?
Michelle: Taurus.
Interviewer: What are Tauruses like?
Michelle: Yeah.
Interviewer: But not nice?
Michelle: They're very nice. but stubborn, .
Michelle: Uhm, yeah, that's true.
Michelle's mother: Yeah. I'm her mother.
A mule and a lady of 70 years both acting stubborn, which is the vocabulary word being taught here.

We define 'reliable' by showing a mountain climber friend always giving a hand to everyone.

"Vouch for something or someone" is a phrasal verb. It means to support the truth of something or the good character of someone, based on your knowledge or experience.
Example from our video: Michelle's mother can vouch for the fact that her daughter is stubborn. She can confirm that this is true. She says "I can vouch for that."
Another example: "Our accountant will vouch for the accuracy of the financial report. I have known him for years and can vouch for his honesty."

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