Lesson 7, Exercise 7 - The phrasal verb 'vouch' is the most difficult vocabualry word in this whole lesson.

Watch the video. Type the missing words. Click on Check when you are finished.
Use this list of 6 words and phrases if you need it:

   I can vouch for that.      Is that true?      Stubborn.      Stubborn?      They're wonderful,      too   

Interviewer: What is your astrological sign?
Michelle: Taurus.
Interviewer: What are Tauruses like?
Michelle: Yeah.
Interviewer: But not nice?
Michelle: They're very nice. but stubborn, .
Michelle: Uhm, yeah, that's true.
Michelle's mother: Yeah. I'm her mother.
A mule and a lady of 70 years both acting stubborn, which is the vocabulary word being taught here.

We define 'reliable' by showing a mountain climber friend always giving a hand to everyone.

"Vouch for something or someone" is a phrasal verb. It means to support the truth of something or the good character of someone, based on your knowledge or experience.
Example from our video: Michelle's mother can vouch for the fact that her daughter is stubborn. She can confirm that this is true. She says "I can vouch for that."
Another example: "Our accountant will vouch for the accuracy of the financial report. I have known him for years and can vouch for his honesty."
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