Lesson 7, Exercise 4 - Astrological Signs - Steven, Capricorn

Watch the video. Type the missing words. Click on Check when you are finished.

Subtitled video:
Interviewer: Uh, what's your name?
Steve: Steven.
Interviewer: Steven what?
Steve: Steve .
Interviewer: Could you spell that?
Steve: Steve spells his last name! Listen carefully.
Interviewer: What's your astrological sign?
Steve: I'm a Capricorn.
Interviewer: Oh! What are Capricorns like?
Steve: Capricorns are very , they're very , and they're at the top of the zodiac.
Interviewer: Hey!
A girl signaling don't make a noise

We define 'reliable' by showing a mountain climber friend always giving a hand to everyone.

We define 'top' and 'bottom' of the zodiac with a list of star signs, Capricorn at the top.

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