Lesson 7 - Astrological Sign - Exercise 10 - Cindy the Leo

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Interviewer: What is your astrolgical sign?
Cindy: Oh, I'm of that one. I'm a Leo.
Interviewer: You're a Leo? And what Leos ? [2 words in the question!]
Cindy: Leos, are... are fun, and loving, and wonderful.
Interviewer: And ?
Cindy: And aggressive.
Interviewer: And . Come on!
Cindy: No, no...
Interviewer: Come on! [See vocabulary explanation of Come on!]
Cindy: No, never mean.
Interviewer: Just a little mean?
Cindy: Maybe a little bit , but never mean.
Here we see a proud soccer player who won the game for his team.
Cindy's first adjective.
This picture illustrates the adjective mean, which means cruel.
This adjective means cruel.
This is a picture of an ostentatious person, one who make believe he's much better than he really is.
This means showing off because you have a lot of money...
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