Lesson 57, Exercise 2 - Present Perfect Continuous - Grammar

Watch the video of Betty Jean, then answer the question.
learn real english pres-perfECTS-graph.jpgClubs for juggling The interviewer's question is expressed in the present perfect continuous: "How long have you been juggling today?" She must also answer using the present perfect continuous:
She can answer the question using a specific amount of time (10 minutes) or the point in the past when she began juggling (since 10 o'clock, for example).

Note: it is NOT necessary to use "for". In fact, Betty Jean answers "Uh, about 10 minutes". But it IS NECESSARY to use since if she answers using a point of time in the past (since 10 o'clock). More practice with the Present Perfect here, and more practice with the Present Perfect Continuous here.

Practice your pronunciation. Listen:
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