Lesson 53 - Preparation for the Video: Vocabulary - Exercise 1

Teachers: prepare your students for the vocabulary they will hear in the videos for this lesson.
Students: Read and click on the play button to listen.

Vocabulary and Definition Listen

1 - messenger

A person employed to carry and deliver letters & parcels.
Synonym: courier

2 - deliver

To bring to a someone or to a place; distribute.

Synonym: transport


This messenger is delivering mail:

messenger = courier


letters & parcels


letters and packages = mail
"Park Avenue South, Downtown, Uptown, all over" (everyplace) in the 5 bouroughs


One of the five administrative units of New York City.

Thera are 5 boroughs which make up the city of New York (NYC).

A borough in NYC is vaguely similar to an "arrondissement in gay Paris.

How long
example in the video: "How long have you been a messenger?" 

This "How long" is very different from "How long does it take?", and also very different from "How long is something (how + adjective) in lesson 31.

This example is from the video.

How long have you been

a bill is an invoice (a paper showing money owed for buying things or services)

The interviewer asks "Do you like your job?" He answers "It pays the bills." (He doesn't really like his job, but he makes a living as a messenger).

a bill is an invoice.
radio broadcaster
noun used as adjective + noun

A person who reads news, and / or commercials on the radio. "Talk show hosts" are also broadcasters.

A talk show host.

"Break" has almost a hundred different meanings! In this case it means "an indulgence; special or helpful treatment".

He'd like to become a radio broadcaster if someone would give him a break.

Example: The interviewer's husband (Mr. Corrigan) works for KXLY, a radio station in California. He needed a new broadcaster for his talk show. He interviewed more than 100 people for the job, and he gave the job to the Messenger because Mrs. Corrigan liked him very much! Mr. Corrigan gave him a break. The messenger gets a break!

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