Lesson 5, Ex 7- Crossword puzzle beginning with Annuska. She's Dutch(from the Netherlands)


Exercise 7 (last exercise in Lesson 5) - First watch the complete video, then click on a number. Type the answers, then click on "Check".
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1. This is a country in Europe where they speak Dutch. Annuska is from this country.
3. Christine and Barbara are from this European country.
4. Jesus and Louis are M _ _ _ _ _ _ .
5. Louisa is from this country. It's in northern Europe.
7. Sameer speaks English fluently, but he is originally from this country.
8. Sitting Bull was an I _ _ _ _ _ . So was Ghandi!
9. This is the nationality of people from The Netherlands.


2. This is the nationality of Christine and Barbara.
5. Louisa is D _ _ _ _ _ but the interviewer thinks she is English!
6. This country is south of the USA.
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