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Prsent Perfect # 1
Lesson 48:
Jim & Robin, and Ann

Good review of all the other verb tenses leading up to the Present Perfect.

When do they use the Present Perfect?
What are the questions which encourage them to use this tense?

External link: additional information about the Present Perfect from Really Learn English.

Teachers, please explain this to your beginner students:

How to use Real English

1) Watch the video without subtitles. This is always the first video at the top of a lesson page. This is an example of a lesson page.

2 - Click on the Exercise 1 button:

exercise 1 lesson 21

and do all the exercises! Speak when you see this:


(this is just a picture, it is not active). Click on the red button to record. Speak into your microphone according to the model. Click on the play button (on the left) to listen to yourself. Also click on this button:

picture of audio player 

listen to the teacher. Then listen to yourself. Listen to the teacher again. Record again. Compare again.

3 - Come back to this page and watch the video with subtitles

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Lesson 48 Exercises

Do the Exercises first. Then come back here
and watch the video with subtitles:

Regular video:

Same clip (in case of server overload):

Same Clip:

Video Transcript
This clip introduces the famous present perfect tense.

Two separate videos with exercises: as usual, students first click on the "Exercise 1" button. Then students have a good look at some difficult vocabulary used in the video, with an opportunity to practice pronunciation and to learn meaning thanks to text and pictures. Then they will meet Ann in a very short clip. She uses the Present Perfect tense immediately. Jim and Robin use it once only. The student's job is to find it!

Many people have commented "poor Jim!", meaning he must have a hard time living with Robin. The important point is that both Jim and Robin are not only interesting, but provide us with both good review material and an introduction to the present perfect.

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