Lesson 43 - Exercise 3 - I think so. / I don't think so.

Carl works hard. So does Harold.

Carl works. hard.
So does Harold.
So: In the first case ("I think so. "), "so" with the verb think means "Yes, it is probable".

In the second case ("I don't think so. "), "so" with the verb think means "No, it is not probable".

So is also used in a very similar way at the beginning of short sentences of agreement indicating "me too", or "Susan, too".

Example 1 - Past of "be":
Madelaine: I was good in school.
Susan: So was I.

Example 2 - Past of other verbs:
Madelaine: I went to Harvard University.
Susan: So did I.

Example 3 - Present Simple:
Madelaine:I always study hard.
Susan: So do I.
Now look at this. Type "So was" or "So did" or "So does":


Ngechu played football.


George Washington was a president of the United States.
Abraham Lincoln.

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