Lesson 40b

Adjectives to describe a person

Level: Intermediate
Lesson contents:
  • Vocabulary-rich descriptions.
  • Introduction to the Present Perfect.
  • The use of "would" for requests.

Always watch the video several times without subtitles first. Train your ears! Your pronunciation will be much better if you follow this simple rule.

Exercises for this lesson:
How to do the lessons:
  1. Watch the video without subtitles.
  2. Do all the Exercises.
  3. Come back to this page.
  4. Watch the video with English Subtitles. Use the Pause button. People speak fast!

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Describe Your Boyfriend, Husband, Girlfriend, or Wife.

Watch this video, then click on Exercise 1

Same video with Precise Subtitles



Filming for this video was a lot of fun. We put interviewees "on the spot" because in most cases, they were describing the person standing right next to themselves. I think one husband might have gotten into trouble with his wife due to his lack of imagination in his description.

This is one of the very recent clips filmed with my iPhone in HD. The tiny smartphone looked a bit strange on top of my huge professional tripod.

I did make one "mistake", however, in the sense that Joanne, the interviewer, sometimes asked "How long have you known (him or her)?" To be perfectly hoest, I didn't intend on introducing the Present Perfect. What can I say? This is real English? Well yes, but now I label this lesson as one for intermediate students instead as one for the pre-intermediate / beginner levels as I had originally intended.