Lesson 30

Like to do / Like doing
Part 2

Level: Intermediate
Lesson contents:
  • Continuation like to do = like doing.
  • Acre / hectare conversion.
  • Phrasal verb hang out (slang).
  • Take drives = go for drives.

Always watch the video several times without subtitles first. Train your ears! Your pronunciation will be much better if you follow this simple rule.

Exercises for this lesson:
How to do the lessons:
  1. Watch the video without subtitles.
  2. Do all the Exercises.
  3. Come back to this page.
  4. Watch the video with English Subtitles. Use the Pause button. People speak fast!

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Like to do / Like doing
What do you like to do for fun?

Watch this video, then click on Exercise 1

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In the meantime, please consult the Video Transcript for this lesson.



There's quite a bit of interesting vocabulary in this video, a continuation of lesson 29. For example we learn about husbandry, and hanging out, mowing pastures, and raising hogs.

We also learn bizarre little facts, such as the fact that some Americans equate "Lipton" with soup instead of tea. We learn what a paralegal does, for example, and the fact that an acre is a lot smaller than a hectare.