Lesson 29 - Like to do / Like doing - Grammar Recap

Gerunds after Verbs

English often uses one verb after another verb. The infinitive of the verb often comes after the main verb. For example "She wants to go home".
But sometimes the second verb must be a gerund, for example: "I often mention arriving on time. Punctuality is important."

The first verb is the important one. Only a few verbs require a gerund verb after it. These are the special verbs which MUST be followed by the gerund form if there is a second verb, in alphabetical order:
admit - appreciate - avoid - consider - defer - delay - deny - detest - dislike - endure - enjoy - escape - excuse - face - feel like - finish - forgive - give up - can't help - imagine - involve - leave off - mention - mind - miss - postpone - practise - put off - report - remember - resent - risk - can't stand - suggest - understand.

Here are some examples:

learn real English He easily forgives trespassing.
Nixon denied knowing about the break-in at Watergate.
I am considering going back to the USA.
She enjoys going to the hairdresser's.
Did he feel like telling the truth for a change?
I can't stand reading Tea Party articles.

Some verbs can be followed by the gerund form OR the infinitive form:
continue, hate, intend, like, love, prefer, propose, start.
This is our case in lessons 29 and 30!

Joe likes to sit around and talk.                           I love making ESL quizzes.
Joe likes sitting around and talking.                     I love to make ESL quizzes.

Quiz: Type the correct form of the verb.

Example 1:
"They want (go) to the restaurant."
You type the infinitive form (to go): "The want to go to the restaurant."

Example 2:
"He shot a child with an automatic rifle but he denied (do) it."
You type the gerund form (doing): "He shot a child with an automatic rifle but he denied doing it."

Now it's your turn. Type the infinitive form or the gerund form of the verb in parentheses:

1 - They allowed the youngster their car. (drive)

2 - Please don't forget me up at 7 a.m. (wake)

3 - She doesn't remember him. (see)

4 - He seriously considered his wife. (leave)

5 - I decided you only 5 questions. (give)

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