Lesson 24, Exercise 7: Gig or Jig?

Watch the video. Answer the question.

Yes, we're in Dublin, Ireland.
5 verbs illustrated, going from the left towards the right: 1) sing: Sue singing. 2) play: Sue playing the guitar. 3) write, for example Sue writes songs. 4) do (a gig) and 
  5) Dance, such as dancing the trditional Irish jig

Sue does a great job of illustrating the present simple: 1) She sings songs. 2) She plays the guitar. 3) She writes songs. 4) She does 'gigs' (jobs playing music). 5) But she doesn't dance the jig. The jig is a trditional dance and she has not learned it.

By the way, 'gig' is slang. It means a job, especially a booking for musicians. Question # 3 above is very important.
Students have problems with g and j! 'G' as in 'gig', 'J' as in 'jig'!
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