Lesson 24 - A Hairdresser, A Waiter, and A Domestic Engineer - Exercise 18

Watch the video, type the answers, then click on "Check".
As always, watch the video first. Listen for the words in this vocabulary section.


1 - Hairdresser (noun): a man or a woman who cuts or arranges hair.

2 - trade (noun) has many meanings.
by trade is used to indicate a job requiring special talent or skill. For example, Thomas says "I'm a waiter by trade". Here's another example: Peter says "I'm a blacksmith by trade". A blacksmith has a special job! Check out Peter.

3 - domestic (adjective): relating to the family or the home.

Type your answers:
Stu is a hairdresser. He hair.
Thomas is a waiter. He waits people. He food in a restaurant.

Engineers have complicated jobs. They plan, design, construct, and manage.
Eileen works at home. Her job is very complicated and difficult too. She says that she is a engineer.
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