Lesson 23 - Colin's got cake for pudding! - Exercise 11

Watch the video. Type the 2 answers, then click on "Check".

Colin's very interesting. Listen carefully. He says "I got" 3 times. For example, he says "I got potatoes". It is better to say "I have", or "I've got", or "I have got", but "I got potatoes" is okay too!

The last item he shows us is a "Victoria Ring". A Victoria Ring is a type of British cake.

He says: "...and for pudding, uhm, a lovely cake, a Victoria Ring".

This is interesting because it shows how the Americans and the British use the same words to mean different things.

USA: Dessert (noun): the sweet dish served at the end of a meal.
UK: Pudding (noun): the sweet dish served at the end of a meal.
USA: Pudding (noun): a thick, sweet, creamy mixture.
This is a typical American pudding:


but in the UK, this cake, (and any cake) is "pudding". For example, this Victoria Ring Sponge Cake is "pudding":


So what has Colin got? Watch the video again. Type the missing words:
He has cornflakes, milk, , and a Victoria Ring.
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