Lesson 2 - Exercise 9 - The Complete Video


Watch the video. Type the missing words, then click on "Check".

Bobak and Barbara not from the USA. Barbara's France. Bobak's in England now, but he is originally from Iran.

Campeano's from .

Alison and Nicholas from New Jersey. They're from Auckland, in New Zealand.

Howie, his father Irving, and his two brothers aren't from New Zealand. They're from Toronto, .

Ryan is a New York City policeman. He from Flushing, New York.

Tracy Ruckland is originally from Pennsylvania, but now she's from , New York City, USA.

Jill and Cheryl aren't from England. Cheryl's from the state of Massachusetts in the USA.
What about Jill Van Patten? Jill's from Salt Lake City, Utah, but now she lives in New York. She's from New York now.

Mario's from .

The 4 friendly people in the red car from the state of New Jersey in the USA. So is the cameraman.
In other words, the cameraman is from New Jersey. So are the 4 friendly people in the red car.

The young lady in the car asks the cameraman: "Where are you from?" The camerman replies: "Uh, New Jersey". The young lady in the car says "So are we!" All 5 (five) people are from New Jersey.
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