Lesson 18, Exercise 6: Peter, my favorite interviewee in this lesson.

'Exacting' and 'exact' are very different adjectives.

Example of a person with no sense of humour. They're humorless. Also spelled the British way with a 'u': humourless.
The definition of the adjective humorless or humourless is simple: 'Lacking a sense of humor.'
The adjective humorless is unfortunately true for many Germans but certainly not the majority. Germans sometimes tend to "hide" their sense of humor. They're different that way. At the same time, we should remember that a sense of humor is important for good mental health, and to be able to laugh at yourself. Donald Trump was a good example of a sick, humorless person who was unable to make the slightest fun of himself or to be self aware in any way.
The other adjectives we heard here are exacting, and precise, which are similar. Exacting must not be confused with exact! They're very different. Do the quiz again!
Lastly, the adjective precise means 'exact' or 'accurate'. An exact person makes accurate measurements, for example.

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