Lesson 17

What are the Italians like?

Level: Beginner

Lesson contents:

- Extensive beginner review
of lessons 1 - 14
- Enjoy doing
- Everyday adjectives not often
   found in beginner lessons

Always watch the video without subtitles first in order to train your ears! It's a good idea to watch several times until you feel the "music", before watching the version with subtitles. Your pronunciation will be much better if you follow this rule.


Exercises for this lesson:


How to do the lessons:
  1. Watch the video without subtitles.
  2. Do all the Exercises.
  3. Come back to this page.
  4. Watch the video with English Subtitles. Use the Pause button. People speak fast!


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What are the Italians like?
Watch this video, then click on Exercise 1


Same video with Precise Subtitles ↓
Do the exercises after watching the video!


!You Tube!



Is "voluble" a difficult word for beginners? Not really! You will see pictures of voluble people in the exercises. Voluble people simply talk a lot. They're talkative.

The pictures do a very good job in conveying meaning throughout Real English®. In this lesson, they are particularly effective.