Lesson 16, Exercise 20: A Difficult Accent from Northern England

Watch the video, then answer the question.
Note to teachers: We include Chris from Northern England. He is very difficult to understand. He has an accent typical of his region in northern England, and he speaks fast. We have interviewed many people like Chris but have not included them in Real English. However, we think we should include one example from time to time, simply because this is part of real English.

Here is the transcript of Chris speaking:

Interviewer: Are the French like the English?
Chris: No.
Interviewer: What're… How are they different?
Chris: Ehm, they're more laid back sort of thing. They take a couple hours off for lunch, and have extra hours for lunch. They're just more laid back, really.
Interviewer: You mean they work less than the English?
Chris: I wouldn't say that, no. But it's just a more relaxed way of life. It's not, not a race all the time.
Interviewer: And what about food? Do you think the French eat better than the English?
Chris: Definitely.

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