Lesson 15, Exercise 7 - The past and future of 'can'

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Grammar Note - The Present, Past and Future of Modal Verb CAN
The Present
Anne can bake. = Anne is able to bake.

Can or be able to = an ability or possibility
The Past
Anne could bake.=Anne was able to bake.

Could is the past of can. It means the same as was (or were) able to do something.
The Future
Anne will be able to bake.

Note: Never say "will can"!
Watch the videos. Listen to the teacher.
Vocabulary note: cook and bake
Anne says her best dish is "chocolate chip cookies". But to be exact we do not "cook" cookies. We bake cookies.

verb: to prepare food for eating by applying heat.
esl cooking
verb: to cook in an oven
This is an oven.

We all make mistakes: Notice that Graham makes a mistake when he says "Oh, steak and chips is very good". What's the mistake? Watch again.

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