Lesson 12, Exercise 1 - Weather Vocabulary, Preparing for the Exercise!

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What's the weather like? Picture and Audio
1 - Chuck: It's cloudy and damp.

Damp means slightly wet.
Scene of clouds over a farmhouse with light rain.
2 - Diana: Brisk.
It's brisk. It's cool. Yeah.
Diana: Yeah, brisk. Wonderful.

Brisk means invigorating; crisp or exhilirating .
A couple bundled up for brisk weather. Brisk means invigorating or sharp.

3 - Steve: It's a beautiful day in New York. It is cool and it is crisp. It is autumn.

Crisp is similar to brisk: for example, invigorating in the crisp mountain air.

A couple together in crisp air. Crisp means the same as brisk.
The four seasons are spring, summer, autumn (fall), and winter, in that order.

Summer comes after spring.
Autumn or fall comes after summer.
Winter comes after fall or autumn.
Spring comes after winter!

The 4 seasons represented by 4 typical pictures, such as a beach with beachballs for summer.

4 - Ghia: OK. Well, it's really overcast and cloudy and it's a bit crisp and a little windy. But it's pleasant.

Overcast means cloudy, basically, so we see more clouds, but lower in the sky.

5 - Colin: Now? Dull and grey.
Chris: Cold.

Dull and grey here refers to the color rain and relative darkness.
7 - Eric: Weather? Breezy. Bright. Sunny. Very nice. Very healthy.

Breezy is nice. It gives us an enjoyable amount of wind.

We can tell it's breezy thanks to the arrows which indicate the direction of the wind, with a large sun for 'sunny'.

7 - Minda: The weather is beautiful today. It's a little cool. It's dry and it is a little breezy and sunny.

Breezy is rather pleasant but windy is very breezy.

The 3 weather adjectives are represented by 3 words, dry in the desert, with a big sun, and a lady with an umbrella about to break in the wind.

8 - Sandra: It’s nice. It's not too cold and it’s not too warm. It's pleasant.

9 - Anthony: Sunny. Mild. Not too hot. Not too cold.

Mild is nice and pleasant!

To illustrate the adjective 'pleasant' we have a man relaxing pleasantly in the sun with a thermometer showing pleasant temperatures.

10 - Gabriella: Chilly. Windy.

Chilly is almost cold!

Windy is VERY breezy.

Chilly: A man dressed warmly and for windy, a cloud figure blowing air.

11 - Lisa: Very sunny. Warm.

Just the sun shining brightly

12 - Peter: Cold and windy.

13 - Stuart: Very cold. Windy. Not very nice.

Icicles indicate it's cold.

14 - Paul: It's raining.

A cloud releasing rain.

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