Lesson 12 - What's the weather like? - Exercise 1

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What's the weather like? Picture and Audio
1 - Chuck: It's cloudy and damp. cloudy
2 - Diana: Brisk.
It's brisk. It's cool. Yeah.
Diana: Yeah, brisk. Wonderful.

3 - Steve: It's a beautiful day in New York. It’s cool and it’s crisp. It’s autumn.

Autumn is one of the 4 seasons. The four seasons are autumn, winter, spring, and summer.

4 seasons

4 - Ghia: OK. Well, it’s really overcast and cloudy and it’s a bit crisp and a little windy. But it's pleasant.

overcast is cloudy

5 - Colin: Now? Dull and grey.
Chris: Cold.

dull and grey
7 - Eric: Weather? Breezy. Bright. Sunny. Very nice. Very healthy.

7 - Minda: The weather is beautiful today. It's a little cool. It's dry and it’s a little breezy and sunny.


8 - Sandra: It’s nice. It's not too cold and it’s not too warm. It's pleasant.

9 - Anthony: Sunny. Mild. Not too hot. Not too cold.


10 - Gabriella: Chilly. Windy.


11 - Lisa: Very sunny. Warm.


12 - Peter: Cold and windy.

13 - Stuart: Very cold. Windy. Not very nice.


14 - Paul: It's raining.

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