Lesson 11, Exercise 6 - Charlie and Charlie?
No. Charlie Jr and Charlie Sr

When the father and son have the same first name, we use 'Junior' and 'Senior':
Jr for Junior, for the son, and Sr for Senior, for the father.

Subtitled video:
Interviewer: And, are you married?
Amy: Yes.
Interviewer: And what's your husband's name?
Amy: Charlie.
Interviewer: And do you have kids?    
Steven: Yes, one. Charlie.
Interviewer: Charlie and Charlie!

Watch the video again.

Vocabulary notes:

kid (noun): Child.    
Here are 3 kids:
Kids is slang for children. We see three kids here.

In the USA,
the son Charlie = Charlie Jr. (Charlie Junior).
The father Charlie = Charlie Sr. (Charlie Senior).

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