Lesson 10, Exercise 10 - Antonyms Are Opposites

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Antonyms are opposites.
Gracious kid with a tiny picture of Pat who is also gracious

Pat is gracious.

Illustrating the opposite of gracious, which is mean. We see an unkind kid. He's mean.

The opposite of gracious is unkind (mean).
For example, short is the opposite of tall.
Illustration of very tall basketball player next to an ordinary guy.

Wide is the opposite of narrow.
We illustrate wide and narrow roads.

Funny is the opposite of sad.
Picture of opposites, funny and sad
Use only the words you hear in this quiz!
is the of unathletic.
We illustrate an athletic tennis player next to an unathletic smoker!

is the opposite of ugly.
Our attractive girl is contrasted with a ugly witch.

is the opposite of fat.
Fat woman contrasted with a thin one
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