Pro Writers Advice on How Foreign Students Can Improve English Writing Skills

There is a difference between written and spoken English. The former is one on one communication. It concerns an action, event, story, or narrative. The latter is descriptive-based. It's an expository, or explanatory idea. The style of communication in each is different. Written English requires more professional skills than spoken English.

Students who speak English as a second language are often challenged when communicating in written English. The written language must take grammar seriously and use the right vocabulary. A student must study regularly to develop their writing skills. Below are practical tips that really work.

Get Writing Help

You master your writing skills by taking the necessary time, developing your vocabulary and other skills one step at a time. The best dissertation writing services hire professional writers who speak English as a native language. Because English is their first language, they easily master their writing skills and create papers using the best written English.

When you get help from experienced writers, they will submit a written paper to you having the right tone, the right language, format, and style. They write unique content that never needs to be corrected and which will always be given excellent grades.

It will save you a lot of time which you would have otherwise used to research a great deal of information in search of the right language to use for each situation. Getting writing help also ensures that you produce original material. It's important to get help every time it seems necessary to you. In the end, it enables you to learn the secrets of writing a winning paper.

Begin to Practice

There is a common saying that practice makes perfect and it's applicable in every field in life. By writing every single day at every oportunity, you become better at it with time and eventually you become a perfect writer. You can't become an experienced writer in a single day, but you can actively harness your writing skills through practical experience just like professionals do, providing the best essay help in the UK for students on any subject.

To practice writing, create a plan and strictly follow it. You might decide you will be writing 200 words daily and keep increasing the number of words as you improve your skills. Choose a topic you want to write about and start with the simplest topics. As time progresses, pick tougher topics and eventually do complex ones.

It will help broaden your knowledge and develop your thinking skills. Your vocabulary will keep broadening and your concentration skills will develop. Other benefits will be improved productivity, and writing confidence. In the end, you will be happy to eventually become a skilled writer.

Immerse Yourself in Reading

There is a difference between reading and studying. Studying requires more devotion, energy, and time. It requires you to do research, read, learn, and write texts. Reading is not detailed because it involves perusing books, blogs, journals, and different forms of literature.

If you want to become a skilled writer, create a reading habit and read different texts daily. You may create your reading schedules and read specific texts once at a time. You may start with a novel, storybook, newspaper, or magazine.

Reading has a lot of advantages especially if English is not your first language. As you read, you keep building your vocabulary, comprehension and enhance your brain connectivity.

Your cognitive skills improve and soon you will notice improvements in your written language. One of the best ways to encourage yourself to read is to write something after reading a text. Write a few words about the lesson you learned or a summary of the text you just read.

Listen and Speak

Listening and speaking provide other ways to practice, and both of these activities enhance your writing skills fast. Through speaking, you communicate a relevant message to your audience and the person responds. If you speak in broken English, the person listening might help and correct you but you must take it positively because you are learning.

On the other hand, don’t just engage in conversations casually but learn to listen attentively. It will help your mind to concentrate on what’s being spoken and your brain will process it. When you actively listen, you gain knowledge because you heard clearly what was said. This is one way to help you build vocabulary.

As your spoken English improves, it will be reflected in your written English. Create your social circles with people who are talkative because you will always have a chance to listen and you will have opportunities to respond.

Note Your Weak Areas, Use Dictionaries, and Have a Mentor

You cannot be wrong in every word that you speak or in every text that you write. There are common mistakes that will keep coming up as you practice speaking and writing. These are your lines of weakness and you should take note of them. If your weakness is spelling, practice spelling the words which are most difficult for you. Correct your errors and mistakes until you learn the correct versions.

The dictionary is a very important tool if you want to improve your written English. It contains over a million words that are used daily in both ordinary and written conversations. If there is a word you are struggling with, use a dictionary to check its meaning and how it's used in conversation.

A mentor can help you improve your writing skills fast. This is someone to whom you can give your text to read and correct. It is someone who can share their texts with you and guide you on how to improve your writing skills.


If the English language is not your first language, you will be challenged when you want to write correct and coherent texts. It is possible to improve your English writing skills if you learn to practice writing and read texts extensively. Listen to native English speakers in conversations and speak too. Make use of the dictionary and get a mentor.

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