6 Steps to Launching an Essay Writing Service Website in a Week

6 Steps to Launching an Essay Writing Service Website in a Week

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Essay writing services are perhaps the most predominant sort of business in the academic sector. Today, a large percentage of students rely on these platforms to get help with their research and meet their submission deadlines.

From a business perspective, there is no reason why such an endeavor wouldn't be lucrative. They are legal and ethical. In fact, as an essay service, you are encouraging students to use your papers as their reference, which will subsequently improve their ability to write an excellent essay on their own.

The only issue is that, for the very same reasons, now, there are hundreds of websites competing for students' attention. If you need to succeed, you need to look at this more than just as a business opportunity.

1 - Pick Your Services

Your writers are the backbone of your service. A large portion of your business's credibility depends upon how your order can be handled by an essay writer online. Now, there are two ways to approach finding the right writers. One way is to first decide which services you want to provide and search for writers who can handle that.

The term academic writing is a broad category with several classifications within. You are looking at dozens of types of papers ranging from essays, term papers, dissertations to theses and dissertations. There are further specializations based on topics, the narrative style, and the academic level within each form.

If choosing the services first is challenging, then the alternative is to find the writers first. You can then feature the types of papers and academic specializations they are experts in. The last thing you want to do is feature a set of services with no writers to deliver that. You can continue the process of hiring to extend your site's services as you get ahead.

2 - Hire Qualified Writers

Beyond their skills of writing, you are primarily looking for the team's expertise in their respective academic fields. Make sure that they have at least a Master's degree in one or more subjects. This way, they should be able to handle writing orders from school level to higher education.

Moreover, not everyone can produce quality academic writing. Here is what you need to look for in your writers:

  1. Their academic background;
  2. Their literary research skills;
  3. Proficiency in academic writing;
  4. Knowledge of citation styles.
If needed, you can also give them trial jobs to observe how they meet the requirements and communicate with the client.

3 - Launch Your Website

The next focus is on setting up a website that is sleek, professional, and relatable to your customers. In this case, students are looking for services that can relate to their issues and demands. Your website should be straightforward in design and navigation.

Make it a point to communicate clearly what services you provide, how you charge the orders, the qualifications of your writers, and your reputation. It would be helpful for students to be able to calculate the price of their order before they place any. Besides, you should also feature a few writing samples so the consumers can assess the quality of your services. Once you have completed some orders, make sure you also feature positive reviews and testimonials on your website.

4 - Optimize Your Webpages

In the meanwhile, you also have to attend to boost your site's visibility. Invest in optimizing your site for the search engine. Getting a prime spot in SERP might take time, but it is one thing you should prioritize. As you probably know already, people are less likely to look past the first page of their search. Especially when you have to create a blog about startup ideas for college students and promote it in your own way.

However, the SEO tactics alone will not get you there. Google is increasingly looking for relevant content that offers value to the audience. You need to prove that your business is reliable. For instance, you could set up a blog section with insight into essay writing. So your pages will also appear when students search for tips to learn academic writing. This will add to the authenticity of your site to not only Google but your prospective customers as well.

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5 - Create Brand Awareness

As a new website, you have to focus on brand awareness from the ground up. Students often connect with brands through social media, and as such, you should be focusing on prominent sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to your advantage. While organic marketing will give you results, your site could use paid promotions in the first few weeks. You are attempting to drive more traffic to your site and to achieve that, you need to first create a strong brand image.

6 - Build Your Reputation

It is a much bigger challenge to retain customers than to attract new ones. A single bad review has the power to ruin your reputation, turning away any future work. When it comes to essay services, students seek support and understanding from the team. Not only writers, but your customer support team should also be trustworthy and dependable to reflect this.

Here are some of the qualities and features every student looks for in an essay writing service:

  1. Readiness to accept orders with tight deadlines;
  2. Ability to deliver on time;
  3. Affordable prices;
  4. Option to correspond with the writer;
  5. Availability of revisions;
  6. Confidentiality and protection of their personal data.

Over time, if you can address each of these concerns, there should be no difficulty gaining a high reputation.

Why Are You Launching an Essay Writing Service?

Perhaps, as a student, you struggled to handle the demands of your curriculum or had a tough time meeting the expectations of your professor. Either way, everyone in their life has experienced how it is to be a student and all the pressure that comes along with it.

Right there is your brand story. While you are hoping to earn money out of this business, you also have a reason for choosing it. If you are a writer yourself, you are combining your passion and vision to help other students achieve their academic dreams.

Every single step here is significant. As your business grows, you will need to hire more writers, add more webpages, and do marketing all over again. It is a cycle that repeats, and with the right goals, will soon advertise you as a reliable website for students.