Here are the answers. What are the questions?

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Real English Online Exercises: Find the Questions!

In these exercises, you will watch special videos which give you the answers only. You must find the questions. After you find the question, you will see a second video containing the question. Then you must find the answers!

Over here! - esl efl video learn english

The most exciting and useful starting point for students is at The New Lessons

Real English Extras:

Extras - esl efl video learn englishHere's the link to Real English Rock.

Extras - esl efl video learn englishAnd here are a few new grammatical clips
(Beginners and Intermediates).

Extras - esl efl video learn englishThe Homeless of Florida (Upper Intermediate)

Extras - esl efl video learn englishAnd the very popular Closed Caption Clips for all levels from beginner to advanced.




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