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Why walk? It's better for your health, and for the health of the planet.

Mike Marzio, photographerI was the "photographer" for this piece, working for Ann Kellan, reporter and CNN freelancer. We both met Mike Mathieu, the founder and chairman of Front Seat, the company which created WalkScore. In TV production jargon, the "photographer" is the cameraman. So I did the videotaping and sound work in cooperation with Ann, who happens to be a good friend. She was the anchor of CNN's Science and Technology Week and now is reporting and producing. Many thanks to both Mike and Ann!

This is her original which appeared on CNN TV and on CNN's website:

Double-click on any word for an English definition,
or translate the entire page:


Ann found a good voice for her script. Her professional version of the clip (above) is 1 minute and 22 seconds long.
We filmed for 90 minutes. So, we have a lot of video and ideas to help English Language Learners understand Walkscore.

We will ask one short question and one long question. Who is the creator of Walkscore? and What is Walkscore? We also interview a few Walkers and make a lesson for 1 interviewee who speaks English as a Second Language. We will see 12 of the 90 minutes of filming we did together. Mike, like the interviewees, speaks to us directly, providing our "voice". You will also hear my voice, but only in the lessons.

Part 1: Who is Mike? What's his last name? What does he do?

Who's Mike? (no subtitles).

Students: you should never watch the version with subtitles until after you listen many times without them. There is an international tendency to read as soon as possible, which is usually very bad for your pronunciation.
After you do a lesson, watch the video with subtitles.


Listen many times to the videos on the left <= BEFORE watching with subtitles on the right =>.

Your pronunciation will be much better if you follow this rule!

Part 2