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ReThe Daily English Show

There's a new girl in town.

Meet Sarah Lilburn, creator of the world's first daily English language internet show. Sarah's a New Zealander living in Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan.

TDES logoWhile the show puts some emphasis on things Japanese (natural when you're living in a foreign coun
try and learning its language, customs, and culture) her show has Universal Appeal for all teachers and learners of English, no matter what country you live in.

To say that Sarah is prolific, is an understatement of huge proportions. One of the tricks of her success is maintaining quality
, while creating fun and very useful ESL videos, Every Single Day.

Just to put
some perspective on this, it has taken me ten years to produce a hundred ESL videos (not counting all the ones which I have trashed). Sarah, on the other hand, has produced more than a hundred, and she began quite recently.

Sarah videotapes her own personna, which the community obviously finds delightful
. Personally, I'm infatuated with her, providing me with the motivation for putting up this page. She comes up with fresh ideas every day, whether it be related to grammar, vocabulary, or "the news" - Stick News to be more precise, since she also draws her own stick figures to illustrate many of her ideas related to the language. And she does her own video editing of course.

Enough from me. Here are some l
inks to her work:

Her Blog - This is especially useful for the direct links to her show of the day, which y
ou can watch on either YouTube or Grouper.

Her site - providing all the essential info and links.

Michael Marzio

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The New Real English Video Lessons.

Here's the link to Sarah's original YouTube video and the link to my video reply about "How do you do?"

The Real English Blog

And finally, the "How do you do?" Lesson with Sarah and Mike.


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